Underground tunnels dead civilizations!

Many times by different researchers in different continents noted that in addition to underground tunnels, bunkers, mines and other various caves made by nature, there are the buried cavity created civilizations, previous human. Recent present not only in the form of a huge underground of rooms whose walls are subjected to levels of some means, with traces of secondary natural processes (speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites. Cracks, etc.), but also in the form of rectilinear structures — tunnels. Beginning of the twenty-first century is listed increased frequency of finds parts of these tunnels on different continents.

  To excite much interest to present to you video of one of the tunnels in Mexico Satan De Las Golondrinas:

Recognition of ancient tunnels — not easy, requiring multilateral knowledge of the techniques of underground works, mechanisms modify the Earth's crust and underground spaces in the historical development of our planet. But this procedure is quite possible, given, that the main difference between the ancient tunnels of natural and modern underground facilities is that no matter how strange, ancient objects differ perfection and amazing accuracy of processing cavity walls (usually they are melted), ideal orientation and orientation. They also highlight the huge, cyclopean size and … prohibitive for the antiquity of human understanding. But you can not say that all of them have appeared simultaneously. Consider this information available about the ancient tunnels and mines.

In Crimea is famous Marble Cave, located within the mountain Chater-Dag mountain at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. During the descent into the cave of countless visitors are welcomed by a huge hall in the form of a tube of about 20 meters, is now half-filled with boulders, landslides due to multiple earthquakes and flooded karst deposits. Through cracks in the roof hanging stalactites and stalagmites are drawn towards them, producing a fascinating experience. Few people focusing on the fact that from the very beginning it was a tunnel with a perfectly smooth walls, stretching deep into the mountain with sloping towards the sea. The walls are well preserved and there are no signs of erosion activity: running water — karst cavities, forms a consequence of the dissolution of limestone. That is part of the tunnel in front of us, leading to nowhere and appearing at an altitude of about 1 km from the Black sea level. Given that the Black Sea Basin originated in the Eocene and Oligocene (ca. 30 Ma) as a result of the fall of a large asteroid, cut and pulled down the main ridge of the Crimean mountains, it is appropriate to assume that the Marble Cave is a segment of the old tunnel, the main part which was located in the destroyed asteroid mountain range, which has to be at least 30 million years.

It follows from the last posts of the Crimean. Cavers discovered a huge cavity under an array of Ai-Petri, picturesque overhanging Alupkoj and Simeizom. In addition, the detected tunnels, uniting the Crimea and the Caucasus.

Ufologists Caucasus region during one of the expeditions have found that under the ridge Uvarov, opposite Mount Arus, there are tunnels, one of which leads towards the Crimean peninsula and the other through the city of Krasnodar, Eysk and Rostov-on-Don is pulled up to the Volga region. In the district of Krasnodar branch is registered in the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately, more detailed information is not provided, the expedition.

And just in the Volga region is known Medveditskaya ridge studied in some detail expeditions "Kosmopoisk" since 1997, was detected and mapped an extensive network of tunnels, studied for tens of kilometers. Tunnels have a circular cross section, sometimes circular, with a diameter of 7 to 20 m, the length of withstanding a constant width, and direction from the surface to a depth of 6-30 m As you approach the hill on the ridge Medveditskaia tunnel diameter increases from 22 to 35 meters, further — 80 m and is at the very height of cavity diameter is 120 m, turning under the mountain, and a huge hall. Hence, at different angles away three seven-meter tunnel. Nonyatnym becomes: what Medveditskaya ridge — a node bifurcation, where tunnels converge from other regions, including the Caucasus. From here you can please not only in Crimea, but also in the northern regions of Russia, the New Earth and then to the North American continent (data contactee Anton Anfilova). There are those who believe that in the present tunnels — current and are used as transportation routes and bases of UFO craft, although the latter are not necessarily their builders. Not surprisingly, P. Mironichenko in the book "The Legend of LSP" believes that our entire country, including the Crimea, the Altai, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, riddled with tunnels. It remains only to find their location. And it happens in most of the cases by accident. For example, a resident of the village Liskisky Selyavnoe Voronezh region Evgeny Chesnokov Meadow fell into a hole that was a cave with diverging in different directions tunnels, the walls of which were depicted characters.

In the Caucasus, the gorge near Gelendzhik, has long been known for the sheer mine — straight as an arrow, with a diameter of about one and a half meters, a depth of 100 m 6olee addition, the feature is its smooth, like melted wall. The study of their properties has shown that the walls made once the thermal and mechanical effects that created the rock crust thickness of 1-1.5 mm, giving it exceptionally durable properties that create unrealistic even in the evolution of today's technology, as evidenced by melting the walls of her technogenic origin. In addition, the mine is marked busy background radiation. It is possible that this is one of the vertical shafts connecting to the horizontal tunnel coming from this region in the Volga region, to Medveditskaia ridge.

It is known, that in the years after the war (in 1950) was issued a secret order of the USSR Council of Ministers on the construction of a tunnel through the Tatar Strait to unite the continent by rail with Fr. Sakhalin. Over time, the secrecy was removed, and the doctor of physical and mechanical sciences LS Berman, Proceedings of there at the time, told in 1991 in his memoirs Voronezh branch of "Memorial" that the builders were building not so much how many restored an existing tunnel that runs in ancient times, extremely competent, with the geology of the bottom of the Strait. And mentioned the strange discoveries in the tunnel — the strange mechanisms and fossilized remains of animals. All this is then lost in the secret intelligence bases. So it is not unfounded statements Mirošničenko that our country and the Far East are penetrated tunnels. And In that use the tunnel, it is possible leads on through on. Sakhalin to Japan.

Now fast forward to the area of Western Europe, in particular, to the border of Slovenia and Poland in the Tatra Mountains Beskid mountain range. Here stands the "Queen of the Beskid" — Mount Babia height 1725 m From ancient times, the inhabitants of the surrounding areas is kept secret connected with this mountain. As told one of the residents named Vincent, he's in the 60s of XX century, together with his father, at his insistence, moved from the village to the mountain Babia. At an altitude of 600 m with a father they pushed aside one of the greatest rock and opened a large entrance, which was free to enter the cart with the horse. Opened a tunnel in the form of an oval was straight as an arrow, broad and so high that it could fit the whole train. Smooth and shiny plane walls and floor seemed coated glass (again extraterrestrial technology?). Inside, it was dry. A long way on an inclined tunnel led them into a spacious, hall, similar to the shape of a giant barrel. In it were several tunnels, some of which were of a triangular cross-section, the other round. According to Father Vincent appeared that the tunnels here can end up in different countries and on different continents. The tunnel to the left leads to Germany, then to England and on the American continent. Right tunnel stretches in Russia, the Caucasus: then to China and Japan, and then — in America, where it connects with the left.

You can cater to America and other tunnels, laid under the North and South poles of the Earth. On the way each tunnel is "gateways" that are similar to this one. According to him, at present, these tunnels are active — it noted progress on the UFO vehicles.

Message from England certifies that during tunneling for household purposes miners heard sounds from below dokatyvajutsja working mechanisms. When the thickness of the stone broke, miners found a ladder leading into the well, and the sound of working devices have increased. However, nothing else explains their subsequent actions. But maybe they accidentally discovered one of the vertical shafts horizontal tunnel coming from Germany. A sound working mechanism talked about his running.

The American continent is also rich messages about the location of the ancient tunnels. Andrew Thomas, a well-known researcher, believes that under America are ancient underground vertical and horizontal tunnels again with burnt walls, and some of them are in perfect condition. Tunnels straight as an arrow and permeate the whole continent. One of the sites where converge several mines, is Mount Shasta in California. From her paths lead to the states of California and New Mexico. Proof of this is the incident that occurred with the couple Iris and Nick Marshall, who in the vicinity of a small California town of Bishop in a mountainous area called Caso Diablo entered the cave, the walls and floor of which were unusually flat and smooth, as if polished to a mirror finish. The walls and ceiling were drafted strange hieroglyphic writing. On one of the walls had small openings of which jets of weak light beams. Then they heard a strange noise coming out of the ground, resulting in a hastily left the room. Maybe they accidentally discovered one of the entrances to the underground tunnel, which was applicable.

In 1980, off the coast of California was once again found a huge hollow space extending into the continent for several hundred meters. It is possible that found one of the hubs of underground tunnels.

The presence of tunnels is the fact that the nuclear tests in deep water at a known site in the state of Nevada gave an unexpected effect. After two hours in Canada, one of the military bases on the distance of 2000 km from the Nevada test site was recorded radiation levels are 20 times higher than normal. How could this happen? It was found that near the base was a huge cave, which is part of a vast system of caves and tunnels of the continent. In 1963, when drilling the tunnel came across a huge door that went down the marble steps. Perhaps it was once the entrance to the tunnel system. Unfortunately, it is unknown where in this happened.

But in the state of Idaho anthropologist James McKeen examined a large cave and advanced on a wide stone tunnel a few hundred yards before he was stopped by an unbearable smell of sulfur, the terrible remains of human skeletons and the distinct sound of depth. As a result, research had to be stopped.

In Mexico in one of the most desolate and sparsely populated areas marked by ancient cave satay de las Golondrinas, which has a depth of over a mile and a width of several hundred meters. Its steep walls is even and smooth. And the bottom of it is a real maze of different "rooms", "transition" and tunnels that diverge at this depth in different directions. One of the nodes intercontinental tunnels?

South America is part of the tunnel is not far behind North. Recent studies of Professor E. von Denikin under the surface of the Nazca desert found many kilometers of tunnels through which still flowing clear water.

And in June 1965 in Ecuador, Argentine explorer Juan Moritz in the province of Morona Santiago, within the territory delineation Galakviza cities — San Antonio — Yopi, discovered and mapped in an unknown system of underground tunnels and ventilation shafts with a total length of hundreds of kilometers. Entrance to the tunnel system looks like a neat cut in the rocks the size of a granary door. Descent successive horizontal platform leads to a depth 230 m Here tunnels are rectangular varying width with turns 90 degrees. The walls are smooth, as if covered with glaze or polished. Strictly periodically arranged ventilation shafts with a diameter of about 70 cm, and the room the size of a concert hall. It was found that the center of one of them are placed like structure section, and seven "electrons" of unknown material similar to plastic. Next to the "throne" the place of gold alloy found large pieces of fossil reptiles, elephants, crocodiles, lions, camels, bison, bears, monkeys, wolves, jaguars and even crabs and snails. In the same room is a "library" of thousands of embossed metal plates measuring 96? 48 cm with some icons. Each plate is stamped with a special way. X. Moritz also found stone "amulet" (11? 6 cm) depicting human figures standing on a globe.

Tunnels and halls abound piles of gold objects (disks, plates, huge "necklace") in various patterns and symbols. There are pictures of dinosaurs carved on the walls. On the plates of the images of the pyramids, built of blocks. A symbol of the pyramid with flying side by side (not crawling!) In the sky snakes. Found hundreds of such images. On some records reflected the astronomical concepts and ideas of space travel.

Without a doubt, a discovery made by X. Moritz, to some extent, lifts the veil on who was building tunnels, their level of knowledge and roughly — the era when it was happening (they saw the dinosaurs).

And in 1976 a joint British-Ecuadorian expedition examined one of the underground tunnels in the Los Tayos, on the border of Peru and Ecuador. There found the room, where a table surrounded by chairs with backs more than two meters high, made of an unknown material. Another room is a long hall with a narrow passage between. On its walls were shelves of ancient books, thick tomes — about 400 pages each. Sheets of volumes of pure gold were filled with incomprehensible text.

Of course, the creators of the tunnels and halls were used not only for transportation, but also as a repository of valuable information designed for a long time. It is clear now that these premises are no longer used.

Expedition scientists and cavers in 1971 in Peru found the cave, the entrance to which was blocked by rock blocks. Having overcome them, the researchers found at a depth of about 100 m huge hall, the floor of which was laid out blocks with a special relief. On (again) polished walls could be seen strange inscriptions resembling hieroglyphs. In the opposite sides of the hall ran numerous tunnels. Some of them are found in the sea, the water and continues at its bottom.

So we faced, apparently, with the next node station.

On the other hand, the plot of the secondary circuit, which stretches from La Poma to Kayafate (Argentina) near the town of Cacho exposed at the present time a high level of radioactivity and the electrification of the soil, vibration, and microwave radiation, according to research by scientists Equal Biophysical Institute of Omar Jose and Jorge Dilletayna conducted in June 2003. They believe this one is man-made phenomenon in nature and is the result of some technical devices (cars), being buried at a depth of many kilometers. Perhaps this is the underground workings, currently used as office space.

Absolutely amazing messages from Chile. In November 1972, at the request of the Government of Chile, Salvador Allende arrived Soviet expedition with experts on mining Nikolai Popov and Yefim Chubarinym for the survey and the possibility of resuming the work of the old ore mines for copper, what is needed republic. Experts have gone to the mountains for a forgotten field, located 40 km from the city Chichuana.

Clearing procedure littered the entrance to the mine, Popov and Chubarin passed several tens of meters and found the course, goes under an angle of 10 degrees down. The course was one and a half meters in diameter, with an undulating surface. Our experts have decided to examine the course and after 80 meters, he moved to the horizontal state and led to the production of large, rich copper veins. They stretched for at least a hundred meters.

But it turned out that the wires have already developed, and a high-tech method: waste remained intact, no landslides and debris. A little farther experts saw ingots of copper, the size and shape resembling the ostrich eggs collected in groups of 40 — 50 pieces at a distance of 25-30 Od other steps. According to th they saw serpentine mechanism — forage in diameter and about a meter in length of 5-6 meters. Snake cling to the copper conductor and literally sucked the veins of copper from the tunnel walls. But watch for a long time did not work, as there are new snake-like mechanisms are smaller — diameter of about 20 cm and a length of 1.5-2 m Apparently, they penetrated into places not accessible to a larger mechanism, and do more, and the protective function of the unwanted visitors.

Now let us remember chemical composition of the UFO, which is 90 percent composed of copper. And it is possible that our specialists accidentally discovered one of the copper deposits being developed by representatives of the UFO for their needs repair and the creation of new types of devices UFOs, one of the bases of which are in the mountains of South America. However, this also makes it possible to understand how to create large-sized tunnels with their shiny, like polished walls.

Thus, the legend of the presence in South America, an extensive system of underground tunnels are not unfounded, and it is possible that gold and jewels, which matches the conquistadors have devoted more than one hundred years, the Incas hid in the tunnels in the Andes, the center of which is one of the ancient capital Cusco, and spread them on the many hundreds of kilometers, not only under the territory of Peru's and the Equator, Chile and Bolivia. But entrances are immured wife ordered the last ruler of the Incas. So deep past neighbors and intertwined with the events of the near present.

Southeast Asia also suffers from a lack of ne ancient tunnels. The famous Shambhala is located in the numerous caves of Tibet, connected by underground passages and tunnels, with their own dedicated in a state of "somatic" (neither alive nor dead), sitting in the lotus position in which many hundreds of thousands of years. Ready tunnels used for other purposes — preserve the gene pool of the Earth and core values. Repeatedly mentioned the words dealing with access to in a state of "somatic" of stored there unusual vehicles and tunnels with a completely smooth walls.

In Hunan province of China, on the southern shore of Lake Dongting, south-west of the city of Wuhan, close to one of the round pyramids, Chinese archaeologists have discovered strewn passage that led them to the underground labyrinth. Its stone walls were very smooth and carefully processed, which was the basis for scientists to exclude them from natural sources. One of the many symmetrical passages led archaeologists to a large underground hall, the walls and ceiling of which were covered with a variety of drawings. One of the drawings shows a hunting scene, and could see the top of beings (gods?) "In modern dress," sitting in a round ship, very similar to the apparatus of UFOs. People with spears chase the beast, and flying over them "supermen" are aiming at a target object resembling a gun.

Another design consists of a balloon 10 at an equal distance from each other, disposed around the center and resembles the solar system, the third balloon (earth) and the fourth (Mars) interconnected in a hinge line. It speaks of the relationship of the Earth and Mars, some relationships. Age of adjacent pyramids, scientists have identified as 45,000 years.

But the tunnels could be built much earlier, and only used by subsequent inhabitants of the Earth.

But in the north-west of China, in the desert and sparsely populated area of Qinghai province, in Tibet, near the town Their towering mountain-Tsaidam Baygong with adjacent freshwater and saline lakes. On the southern shore of the salt lake Toson 60 meters stands a lone rock with caves, one of them with a flat and smooth, clearly artificial walls obliquely extends from the top of a wall covered with rusty pipe with a diameter of 40 cm, the other pipe goes into the ground, and at the entrance cavern still encased in tubes of smaller diameter 12 — 10 to 40 centimeters are arranged parallel to each other. On the shore of the lake and near it is possible to see a lot of iron pipes sticking out of the rocks and sand, 2-4.5 cm in diameter and oriented east-west. There are tubes and an even smaller section — just a few millimeters, but none of them is clogged inside. Such tubes are found in the lake — outwardly or hidden in the depths. In the study was ended pipes that they are 30 percent iron oxide, a large amount of silica and calcium oxide. The composition suggests long-term oxidation of iron, and indicates a very ancient origin of the pipes.

All this — and caves and pipes — the remains of plants, perhaps — the launch pad launch rockets and spaceships, erected in the deep past, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that are not possible to be involved in the construction of underground tunnels around the world after for some -what reasons (for example, the destruction of launch facilities), they failed to leave the Earth.

Everyone is familiar with the pyramids and the ruins of ancient temples on the Giza plateau in Egypt. However, little is known that under the ground. Recent research scientists show that the pyramids plateau tucked inside a huge unexplored underground structures, and scholars suggest that the network of tunnels extend for tens of kilometers and stretches in the Red Sea, and to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Now let us remember the results of studies in South America tunnels, leaving at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean … Maybe they are going to meet each other.

In the Middle East, Syria, near Aleppo, we examined a little-known in the science, received from local residents called "failure." It is a hilly terrain is dry, but when it came to one of the hills, we were extremely surprised to see instead of the top of a huge cavity with vertical walls to a depth of 70 m and a diameter of up to 120 m How could this be formed out of the blue? In the words of residents formed fail instantly, in a single day, even in remote antiquity. And at first remained at the bottom of a hole with a diameter of about 10 meters, then falls asleep. It is also clear that in order to have a failed volume of rock below the cavity must be deep with steep walls up to 70 meters and a diameter of up to 120 m How could this be formed out of the blue? In the words of residents formed fail instantly, in a single day, even in remote antiquity. And at first remained at the bottom of a hole with a diameter of about 10 meters, then falls asleep. It is also evident that to have a failed volume of rock below the cavity volume should be no less than 1.6 million cubic meters of soil, since loosening rock volume increases at least two times. Now, let us recall the known principles of construction of the underground rooms in other places — Medveditskaya ridge Babia Mountain, underground chambers in the Andes. Everywhere they were built in the mountains or hills. Perhaps this was one of the "nodes" of the next underground tunnel.

Along the Lebanese mountains, on the part of Syria known several such failures, resulting from earthquakes and the destruction of a species on the time — could not resist a set of vertical load.

Knowing about the possible location of a network of tunnels across the globe, partly submerged and partly dry and damaged in places that are often used for covert movement of UFO vehicles, imagine how could fall into the bottomless lake in the suburbs of Aden BELOVSKIJj strait jacket, the owner of which, apparently, was killed by actions sharks or fish, there are a lot. For this it is necessary that had an underground network of tunnels filled with water and its movement to the north. Perhaps at this point in the Arabian Peninsula, there are tunnels leading through Syria to the Caspian Sea, where they are connected with tunnels in Krasnodar, Rostov and further branches in the Voronezh region, to the bottomless lake and then connected with a tunnel from the Tatra Mountains, going on the Volga.

With regard to the establishment of the tunnels, their age difference is obvious: from the ancient (more than 30 million years old) already destroyed and partially collapsed, fallen asleep as a result of disasters on Earth (Crimea, Syria, etc.), until fairly young — less than 1 million years, well, sometimes perfectly preserved and are in working order and used machines UFO. These tunnels are created, probably in the early stages of human development, according to the left on the walls of the tunnels drawings of joint action "supermen" and ordinary people (the Andes). And soon, it was still not extraterrestrial space aliens, and one of the four ancient advanced civilizations, the Incas referred to another, have high technology to create such engineering works, which span vast distances. For no reason the aliens in the event of disasters threatening our planet to create underground tunnels where they could safely retire on their own, from a distance watching the events on Earth.

Now, based on the currently known material and the ancient sources, try to create the layout of the tunnels on the continent (see Fig.).
Of course, this scheme is quite approximate, since there is no information and have hardly been studied from this point of view, Africa, India, Australia, most of Russia and Japan.

But this scheme gives an idea of the scope of work of the ancient civilizations. But why is it necessary?

We know that every 200 million years on Earth is undergoing global catastrophe with the disappearance of up to 80 percent of the fauna and flora, and recently this was on the border of the Eocene, only 30 million years ago as a result of the fall of the next asteroid. Smaller breaches of life on Earth in the form of small asteroids falling and associated earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, surge and flooding were 100, 41 and 21 thousand years. Perhaps the ancient civilizations knew about these cycles, and wishing to avoid their effects, and created throughout the world network of tunnels and underground structures, hidden in them to be independent in their activities from occurring on the surface.



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