Unmanned ground combat unit Ripsaw-MS2

Unmanned ground combat unit Ripsaw-MS2

Most of the developers of unmanned ground vehicles (SUA) uses mc moving rather slowly and require relatively sophisticated management, also suffering from a lack of effective groove (360 degrees) situational awareness. The result is that the enemy can simply maneuver them faster and even neutralize them, coming very close to the SUA. U.S. Army gets accustomed to the more big, massive, flexible and deadly bot developed by Howe & Howe (H & H), known as «RipSaw Military Specification 2», provides a wealth of benefits that minimize vulnerability signposted. Ripsaw-MS2 is tested as a means of protecting convoys and vehicle combat support operations.

Unmanned tracked machine RipSaw Military Spec 1 (MS1) is a test platform for testing advanced off-road abilities. His ability to quickly move off the roads caused the army intrigued to use it as a «guardian angel» convoys. The device is able to rapidly move together with string, not hindering the movement of the column itself, rapidly explore places likely placing IEDs or respond to enemy fire from ambushes, oppression sources of fire or tow the same jammed with the band mc fire. Not so long ago Ripsaw-MS1 showed such capacity during the «Robotics Rodeo» Fort Hood. Besides protecting convoys mission, Ripsaw capable of doing puzzles and other potential, including perimeter protection, protection, rescue, border patrols, combat mess and EOD.

Ripsaw uses multiple cameras for continuous radial (360 degrees) angle, allowing those operators «always» full situational awareness. In addition, the unit is quite large, which is capable of producing as much on the effective protection of the perimeter, so to not let anyone close. This system uses an active self-defense modular control choice of ammunition for
«Weight control» M5 (Modular Crowd Control Munitions, MCCM), installed on the perimeter of the unit. Emphasis on this deterrent weapon, Ripsaw can break into the mass with the introduction of stun grenades MCCM or use non-lethal rubber bullets to scare away from the approaching enemy unit. Similar equipment can also be used as an offensive weapon. On Ripsaw has been tested and other desired load, which includes equipment to deal with IEDs and mines.

Unmanned ground combat unit Ripsaw-MS2

Ripsaw MS2 is remotely controlled from the adjacent APCs M113. But as in the semi-car, many of its functions are controlled by a computer. The device is designed as a highly adaptive platform that can be integrated with many different weapons systems and payload.

Ripsaw MS2 height is only 1.77 meters, so Makarov, the phone can fit perfectly into the landscape, camouflaged from enemy eyes. Small silhouette is also useful when using the unit as best fighting module; Ripsaw-MS2 has been tested with a machine gun 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm. SUA also equipped with anti-tank Javelin, but firings with them has not yet been conducted. The machines are equipped weapons to South American army, engineering research center development (Armys Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. The kit installation was included remote controlled machine gun M240, control of which was carried out with a separate console installed in the car escort.

Originally «unmanned tank» Ripsaw was developed as «unique in its own way» project in the garage in the backyard. Developer, Howe and Howe Technologies interested U.S. military after the device was introduced in the 2005’s on the DARPA Challenge.

Two years later, a small growing company entered into its own first contract with the U.S. Army, which transformed into a demonstrator unit abilities unmanned ground vehicles.

Segodnyaschy version of the device, which received the title of Ripsaw MS2 came more and more than Modular faster than version MS1. The device is capable, despite the acquired significant combat damage as before be rapidly repaired in the field criteria and return to full combat readiness is another day. According to the manufacturer, unlike other mc, which usually can not be repaired after a landmine or IED, warped Ripsaw can be «cannibalized for spare parts» right on the spot and collected in absolutely battleworthy unit for one night.

Weighing in at 4.5 tons SUA Ripsaw MS2 size similar to the HMMWV. It can carry about one tonne payload and controlled remotely or by the crew of 2 persons, including the driver. The device is created based on the chassis of a light tubular structure acquired from sportscar NASCAR, driven by a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine developing 650 hp power and torque Nm in 1356, thus providing exceptional makarom for cars in this class power to weight ratio. One hundred percent armed and loaded Ripsaw MS2 is able to accelerate from 0 to 80 km / h in just 5.5 seconds (!). The highest speed is about 100 km / h «Ripsaw is a very high-spirited and agile, he can win the man» said Michael Howe (Michael Howe), indicating that this is a no-brainer for SUA.

The highest power to weight ratio, effective suspension and low ground pressure Ripsaw MS2 provide exceptional maneuverability. Its center of gravity is on vsote 70 cm, which leads to the highest strength for a raising of 50 degrees and a side slope of 45 degrees. The highest ground clearance of 60 cm and a relatively small weight, wide tracks and long suspension travel for a low ground pressure of 0.2 kg per square centimeter. This allows the unit to overcome rough terrain at high speed, vertical obstacles up to 1.5 meters or to move through obstacles, such as a heavy tank.

Innovatorskaya mechanical clutch controlling hydrostatic box with a massive, high-spirited and conventional mechanical drive frisky responsible for the car’s acceleration, agility and maneuverability.

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Twin brothers Jeffrey and Michael Howe (Geoffrey and Michael Howe) of Nord Brunswick, Maine, the founders and owners of Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. developed a relatively large tracked tactical unmanned ground for military purposes has been called Ripsaw Military Spec 1 UGV or Ripsaw MS1 UGV or Rip Saw MS1 UGV. Billed as «the most spirited tracked vehicle in the world», Ripsaw MS1, is essentially unmanned paramilitary caterpillars that can develop a speed of 60 km / h in just 4 seconds. Unique SUA Ripsaw (plainclothes version) could develop a speed of 60 km / h in approximately 3.5 seconds, because he was a little lighter and not as strong as militarized version. Originally planned Ripsaw speed was about 100km / h, but the brothers Howe found that remotely control SUA at speeds exceeding 60 km / h is pretty creepy and dangerous. According to Jeff Howe, even at 60 km / h is pretty creepy, and at the present time they do not behold the tactical no need to move faster with SUA, though, in the end, the decision will be made by South American military if they will accept SUA adopted.

Howe brothers tried to make the machine as easy as possible. The entire apparatus is composed of only 8-components including the engine and the tubular chassis. Engine itself can be removed from the chassis less than an hour. To change the engine, you just need to lower it to the ground and lift the chassis. Well, almost like on plows. Normal maintenance service is one of the main advantages of a vehicle designed to attract customers. For the production of the chassis is required to cut about 1,000 pipes, in connection with which the inventor Mike Howe Ripsaw fiction latest technology cutting pipes, which reduces production time frame Ripsaw by 300-400%.

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