Vampires are evil morphological or folkloric content. They are the properties of inanimate creatures and feed on animal or human blood.

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Vampires — is your favorite horror movie characters are objects of art and literature, although vampires art books featured several kinds of mythological vampires.

In folklores used the term blood-sucking vampires are creatures who have taken out of legends and myths, superstitions and fairy tales. Features vampires are very different from each other in different traditions. Some civilizations have stories about vampires non-human species, such as spiders or bats. In the sciences, zoology and botany, the term "vampirism" is used in relation to useful for human beings, like leeches.

Additionally, vampirism can be attributed to bats, mice, vampires and mistletoe. Sometimes referred to as a magical creature vampire mythology, which can be a predator, parasite that sucks the blood and, therefore, the energy of the person. Mythological beings, provided that they live in a similar manner with the Vampire, regarded as a model of a vampire, even in the case that, if they do not feed on blood. Until the 19th century, vampires in Europe were described as a kind of terrible monsters who emerge from the grave.

Vampires became suicidal, sorcerers, witches, that is, those people who, after death, were not able to find the rest. But sometimes the vampire became a victim of a violent death or a victim of its bite. You can kill a vampire by the leak stake through the heart. Once the count is at the named place in the vampire's mouth to insert the gag, and then ignite a bonfire and burn it on this fireplace. Indications that the county has a vampire contain the death of cattle, sheep, which belong to people who live in the houses.

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