Vatican calls for a new world order

October 24, 2011 the Vatican issued a document that calls for the establishment of a world financial government, writes Time.

According to the authors of the document from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, published under the title "On the reform of the international financial and monetary systems", a new international organization that would take over the functions of the global financial regulator. However, this organization must be given broad powers, which include not only the supervision of financial markets, arms control, food security and peacemaking activities, according to the Vatican. In the context of globalization would be a "gradual, balanced transfer of the rights of each state of world and regional organizations", — stated in the document.
G20 will become a world government This is nothing less than a world government on the project, according to Time. Vatican document criticizes the strongest terms "economic neo-liberalism," "soulless technocracy" and the modern financial system, which, as the authors of the 40-page document, "based on the loans and credit creates dependence." The magazine calls the Vatican proposals "radical", noting that the Catholic Church has in the past complained about the lack of global organizations, but this time it went to the specific know-how in the field of international finance. Proposed, in particular, a World Central Bank, which would be "to manage finances on a global level." In the Pontifical Council believe that the creation of a world government — a natural process: the group of industrialized countries G7 expanded to G20, but this is not the limit.

From MC:

Yes, the Vatican is involved in the construction of the so-called New World Order, remember the prayer "for peace" of the previous Pope John Paul? Prayers with the Gentiles and the people of other religions. So, it seems, the Vatican simply echoes the globalist policies and secret occult societies and political paramasonskih (if at all he is not a part of them) and nothing surprising here. As far as I know, almost all Christian reformers believed the Pope and the Vatican Antichrist. Catholics are different, of course, even the Catholic Charismatics, but the system remains the same rimokatolitsizma, spiritual "Babylon" of Revelation 17, plus the doctrines of the Pope, of the infallibility of his words from the pulpit, pritenzii to the truth of their "church", pravopriemstvennost and other heresies.
So be careful with any ecumenical calls for "unity" with the religious systems of the world, which can be heard now in different Christian circles. The Vatican, as I read, intends to unite all under his wing. Want to enter into such an ungodly Babylonian association? If so, you to me or anyone else, really sorry. The Internet is, these documents are in English, the site Messianic committee I put some of their translations into Russian. Hot topic. Rick Joyner predicted in the harvest of false unity movement. Will be on guard and not be naive. This article is an example, as the article about aliens. Here it is:

The Vatican is ready to baptize aliens, despite how much they have tentacles

The Vatican announced his readiness to meet aliens with warmth and baptize aliens at their own request, reports The Telegraph. This
said the chief astronomer Dr. Pope Konsolmano Guy (Guy Consolmagno).

According to the scientist, the Catholic Church does not reject the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, and would be happy to meet with the heavenly
civilizations. "I would be glad if the finding life elsewhere, and will be doubly pleased if this life would be reasonable," — said
Konsolmano. Astoronom noted that the signs of the soul — the mind, freedom to love and to make a choice — could be attributed not only to man. "Any
creation, despite what his tentacles, has a soul, "- said the Catholic. However, he noted that the machines do not have a soul, and therefore
never be on a par with the man.

It is assumed that such statements may initiate space missions missionaries for treatment of aliens to Christianity.
Konsolmano emphasized that the Vatican has been for many centuries, watching what is happening in the world of science. Thus, scholars have
questioned the theory of creationism, which claims that everything is created by God.

Some of the comments (from the same):
Jesus did not die for the aliens and why they baptize and convert to Christianity is nonsense.
It is surprising that such statements are based on the Vatican
Christians call the Vatican after reading
such as do not dare
there is a complete misunderstanding of the teachings of Christ.

Prepare people for neffelimam …

The same natural process.

MK: What else is there to comment on? No real aliens in need of "treatment" is not. Absurd, it's hard to believe that believers can really believe in that. There are no aliens in the world! Genesis Chapter 6 sheds light on the subject, if you read it with historical commentary Josephus, Irenaeus of Lyons, the bishop of the second century and the modern Christian scholars. Aliens — it's just the demons take different forms or works of human connection with them. There are interesting evangelical research and discoveries on the subject.

One of them is given below:

Skeletons of giants found people around the world

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