Viktor Loginov is on TV3 program «Love the stars.» And he believes in love and mysticism?

Viktor Loginov in the show, it seems, has collected the best magicians, psychics, astrologers and scholars of mysticism. Already this fact alone suggests that the login itself believes in miracles.

"TV Guide": — Victor, you really believe that magic exists?

VL: — I think that it is definitely present in our lives. You can believe or not believe, you can close your eyes and do not pay attention, but this is less than the mystics or miracles in our world will become.

"TV Guide": — The signs of trust?

VL: — Well, if a black cat crossing the road, then you sort of realize that this vestige of the old stories, horror stories, but still a good idea to first after the cat was someone else, not you. There is a lot of actors would take. There is one that like it or not, but to observe the machine. When falls the text, it is necessary to sit on it, otherwise good luck is gone.

There is another old actor sign: if during the fitting suit tailor accidentally prick you with a needle, the role will happen. The main thing that it was an accident. Each time by fitting suit standing and waiting, tailor prick or not.

Viktor Loginov was born in Kemerovo February 13, 1975
Became famous for the TV series "Happy Together." For the project, he completely changed the image. Prior to that, Victor wore long hair and an earring in his ear.
Also runs a program "SuperIntuitsiya" on channel TNT.
Has four children.

"TV Guide": — And the UFO is not necessary to have?

VL: — UFO, I guess, seen twice in my life. Somehow came out back in Yekaterinburg, in the sky I saw two of some fire: they were flying fast, very low, in the 30-40 meters above the head and completely silent. Flew a parallel course, and then suddenly went off in different directions. I do not know what it was.

The second case — it was some kind of triangle in the sky. I had just had a daughter, we took a walk in the evening, and suddenly appeared in the sky three balls in a triangle, and then they flew …

"TV Guide": — you lead a show about love. Do you think that love at first sight exist?

VL: — Of course. It may be called "chemistry", attractions, metaphysically some waves that emanate from one person to another. But the main thing — and then build on these feelings. Because the first drive, "chemistry", which happens between people leaving. And then start a serious relationship, which degenerated into a marriage and family. And it is something more.

"TV Guide": — What do you think of the modern means of finding love? Is it possible, for example, find their destiny on the Internet dating site?

VL: — I'm not a very good attitude to dating sites and never visited them, even from a purely lyubopytstvennoy purpose. I do not really believe in the Internet, I'm not interested. There is life, it is there, all around you. What's all this comes down to sitting at the computer? As for the second half … Yes, it is difficult for a woman. Part of life for a long time, even before the start of filming in various projects, I have worked in nightclubs art director, creative director, leading. And by the nature of its activities carried out in the clubs a lot of time and saw dozens, hundreds of beautiful single women. This is a huge problem. Another year in which the song was sung: "… because the ten girls, according to statistics, nine guys!" And now even less. God forbid, if there are five. Half the guys are taken, half — frank bastards that do not want to deal with. What to do? I do not know. I love women, but I never want to be in their shoes.

"TV Guide": — In your show involved psychics, astrologers. And you had to handle it?

VL: — Once, as a student, I was asked to tell fortunes girl friend. It was on the island of Sakhalin, where I worked with a student's group of fisheries. The girl, also a student, playing patience on some greasy playing cards, talking absolute nonsense, which was not up to me completely irrelevant: the long road, prison, new love. In general, complete nonsense.

Finished my work on Sakhalin. I'm back home. And after 3 months all coming true. Up to a point. I went to another city, he lived in a dormitory, a new love, who later became my wife. All completely fulfilled. Although the girl was not even a fortune teller.

"TV Guide": — So, do you believe in destiny? What destiny, what will be?

VL: — would not call myself a fatalist, but I think there are certain destiny. They are reflected in our hands in the form of lines.

But in general I agree with the idea that all the secret should remain a secret. If you talk about what will happen in two days — you can change it or you can not, no one knows. Are you up to, and perhaps in a different way otneseshsya to your life, rethink it and thus be able to change the course of destiny. And maybe some of the fear that suddenly enters your life, you polezesh in the loop. Who knows … But I do not want to know their future. Things I love every day, every minute, every second

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