Visions of the end of the world. The true motives of moving from the big city. Jan and Boris Kulagin.

History Muscovites Boris and Jana Kulagin first hand.



Boris Kulagin: "A few years ago we moved to the village from a major city. Not because there was no place to live, not because they have gone bankrupt or love extreme way of life …"


1. The main motive of the move — Boris Kulagin, "I saw the end from the world …"

Boris Kulagin: "Quite a long time, about three years ago, within three hours of the longest in my life I saw what would be the end of the world … However, I was driving in a car and driving, and was fully conscious, did not drink alcohol and any other stimulant … well, at first thought it was .. went to the roof .. So, I saw suddenly the entire visible area was a wave height of about 4 — 5 meters, but this was the wave of the earth — soil, there was a feeling that the ground for a moment became as water, wave motion was its speed and without registration.

I do not know how to measure or describe, but not after a wave is nothing even remotely resembling a building or road, I saw everything as if I'm standing on the dais at the Ring Road where Volokolamskoe included in Moscow, where the church is still standing.

I was looking at Moscow, or more precisely on that desert is left of it .. All around was burning, exploding, but almost no moans and screams, and the majority were killed immediately.

Then I saw the remains of people gathered, and fight for a piece of bread, killing each other, I went to the north further and further away from the city around it was razed to the ground, then saw excerpts faces — who was dying, who survived all was so realistic that my wife and I moved to live in a remote village, 400 km from Moscow three years ago.

Now I wait. But unfortunately, I do not know when it will happen. Not happen again once. In the words of my father in the church — "Sometimes the Lord lifts the veil of secrecy on your own, but sometimes naughty devils may obscure the mind."

I was here 55.831199,37.402411 — was driving to the center and saw that everything breaks down quickly. Saw the corner of his eye, as it were, stopped, jumped out of the car — at this point the wave was somewhere at a distance of 500-600 meters away from me and was exactly on the horizon of the Soviet Era. After about a second, I was pushed to the ground. When I got up, everything is finished …

Everything around is destroyed, the buildings did not have any in sight as far as the eye could see. It was about 15 — 16 hours of the day, the feelings of August — September.

Almost everyone who rode in cars crashed and burned. The road has disappeared — a feeling that the asphalt was breaking of the ice. From everywhere was either smoke, or steam. Somewhere something underway. There's still a little more filling and to the left for some reason it did not burn when I saw it. Decided that we should get out of town, I knew that his wife is where we live now (note the author — Yuhovo, Maksatihinsky Tver Region) and I need to get there.

What is important, in front of my eyes drifted thousands of people and I could see how someone died or not, saw my girlfriend took off her feet and she lived for a time about five minutes, she was hurt, but it was fixed … saw her eyes … then By the way, I'm at work for about a month at a meeting with the people saw it live or not, even as a client Explains try something and suddenly I see that his razdovilo under oblokami flats and I'm looking at him and think, why am I here crucified after all you are dead … well, horror!

In short, I went home to the north, was about a month in secret, because the path of the 50 km zone of large cities met flocks crazed people who really could kill each other for a piece of bread, found under the rubble. All around the corpses, no food, water, travel by car is impossible, since the terrain became impassable .. "


2. The second motive, it — the official version of the reasons for moving to the media.

Downshifting is kulaginski.

Boris Kulagin "Frantic pace of the city and choking, more master of our lives, the endless traffic jams, lunch at fast food and oppressive tie …

Over the incessant phone calls, and sometimes seeming absolutely unnecessary fuss, we forget that there are still quiet, clean air, just the wind and the starry sky.

Simply, at some point, my wife and realized that out of all of our lives is just a job, cork, store, with clear from what made the product and welcome a few hours of the night in each other's company.

Where is life? Where the seasons? Where is the soul right? …. So it was unbearable to live anymore … drop everything and go.

And never regret about it. We renovated the house and built a stable, acquired livestock and equipment. Only here the soul has found peace, but here we have found happiness.



But our happiness would not make any sense, we live under lock and key, so we want to share them with you. "

— a conscious rejection of another's goals, life for themselves and their families. It can be accompanied by a decrease in salaries and positions, the abandonment of traditional career and "rat race." And may create their own businesses with even more income.

"We did it — says Boris — and are ready to share our experience with you. Much has been trial and error, much has been delved into the literature. We together with his wife created our farm and our economy from the ground up absolutely everything ourselves, and we will create a more build on. was hard and not easy, but we are happy and have never regretted that decided on it, not scared …

And now, we want to help beginners daunshifteram share his experience on the construction, improvement, animal welfare, the survival experience of envy neighbors, manufacturing experience to spite all of its products to local mobile shops and many other tricks of rural life. "

3. "Escape to the country" — a report channel "Vesti" about this amazing couple:

Report aired 06.03.2010 year.


Moving out of the city can become apparent salvation and a new era in the life of:

— in light of the possible end of the world in 2012, or any other large disaster in any other year (Boris, unfortunately, does not know the year of the events in the insight of Moscow), and then when the cities are best avoided — see examples of Haiti, Chile ;

— and in today's posvednevnoy life. Especially with the moral and environmental terms.

And it's no secret that the unity with nature — the basis of the spiritual revival of any person …

Thanks to all the active participants of the project "Living Planet" for their help in the design of this blog, and especially — Boris Kulagin and Jana for kindly providing their contributions.

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