Week three-star UFO




2004 as well as 1982, 1983, 2001, 2002 was held at the ridge Medveditskaia honey agaric under the symbol "trehzvezdnogo UFOs." For the fifth time (the third time in the XXI century), this strange object had "a week of" regular flights over the ridge Medveditskaia (Volgograd region). Twice it provoked an immediate start of the expedition "Kosmopoisk" twice it was in the time of the expedition here "Kosmopoisk" at this time — at the end of such an expedition, it is literally in the days when members of the "Kosmopoisk" already went home, at school and at job. Most of the devices by the time (alas) have already been taken away from the 8th camp. Break 2003 is probably worth explaining extremely rainy weather in the summer of 2003. The first half of 2004 was no less rainy, but that's the end of … The incident certainly will cause a revision of plans, "Kosmopoisk" on expeditionary 2005 season.


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