Western science does not believe in alien ship




Timothy Golovashkin

The sensational statement by the Chief of the Tunguska expedition, president of the Siberian public-private fund "Tunguska space phenomenon" Yuri Labvin that in the disaster area in 1908 found fragments of some alien structure of matter is clearly extraterrestrial origin, caused a torrent of criticism in America and Europe. Our scientists are mostly silent on the case.

A huge area of the Siberian taiga in 1908, was destroyed by a huge explosion in the area more than 2 million square meters. kilometers. As the researchers say the phenomenon, the power of the explosion was exorbitant at the time the power — 10-15 megatons. That night, as written by contemporaries, was light and in Northern Europe, Russia and the West, in London, too, could read a newspaper on the street. Informed citizens are thanked, each in its own way and each of their god for what it's doomsday did not occur in a densely populated part of the world. Should this occur over Moscow or New York, the number of victims would be horrible …

The basic version of the accident near the Stony Tunguska — the explosion of a meteorite. The expedition Yuri Labvin rejects this. Without waiting for a formal opinion, the president of the fund said that some highly developed extraterrestrial civilization saved then earthlings from the apocalypse, relegating the comet in an uninhabited area of taiga and blew it there. All the findings of the expedition sent to the study. But skeptics are also not wasting time waiting for the results presented a united front against the "junk science."

Head site Space.com English explorer collision of Earth with space objects and other natural hazards Benny Peyser called the findings Yu.Labvina "pretty stupid lies." In addition, inherited from the English and the media, which is replicated sensation: "A very sad that in an environment of science journalists mood reigns" come down anything, "allowing them to report such blatant nonsense."

Do reign among journalists such unscientific mood — we do not know it, but apparently choking Westerners toad known to all for being the first to find a Russian ship green men. Otherwise there would be an authoritative Time would not have an article about the expedition Labvin precede the arguments about who most believe in alien nonsense. According to Leon Dzharoffa (oops, suspicious in your last name, Leon!), Americans in general and journalists ahead of the Russian. They then world champions: most believe in aliens. Well, what to take with them, they even do not know how to play baseball …

Was a shame that not exploded over London? Jealousy is purely scientific, that the expedition in Siberia is unknown, and not in the desert or steppe Nevadschine Kentukschine? Or, as they say, a sober approach? Apparently, both supported the skeptics … and James Oberg, who in the 80s. the last century, wrote in his work on the phenomenon of obsession with Russian participation in the search for extra-terrestrial Tunguska catastrophe. He found the story of the science fiction writer Kazantsev about the explosion of a nuclear installation Martian ship over the Stony Tunguska. Next Dzh.Oberg reminded of the existence of a popularizer of astronomy Felix Siegel, who insists on artificial origin of the Tunguska phenomenon, and the scientist Alexei Zolotovo that without evidence, according Dzh.Oberga annually reports of increased radioactivity in the body falling.

Yuri Labvin said that in 2008 it plans to definitively explain the Tunguska phenomenon. Actually, waited 96 years, we can wait another four years old. Explain — his honor and praise; would like now writes Leon Dzharoff — so be it, a mystery we will be less. That in Russia, there is little mystery and the unknown? At this age have enough to spare.


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