What awaits Autuhovich in wolf dens?


Ablameyko: Mr. Valeri, you have visited different Belarusian prisons, including a year and a half sat in the years 2004-6 Ivatsevichy colony number 22 — the so-called "Wolf dens. " What makes it different from others?

Levaneuski: In this colony there are some negative and some positive aspects. One positive aspect — there is good air, it is in the woods, asphalt, at least there is almost none.

Negative — there is a very bad water, from her many itchy, it almost unusable for drinking because there swampy terrain. There's a lot of mosquitoes — in the summer of them can not live. Winter — very cold, there a boiler-house, saving the bosses and the result is very cold in the rooms.

When I was there, living conditions were extremely poor. At the time I got there the library, because it was not there. People were sleeping in wooden barracks, however, when I left, there began a construction … Maybe there is something already built.

Ablameyko: Autukhovich several long hunger strike, he was in poor health, his teeth fell out … How is it with medical care?

Levaneuski: Sanitary part, more sanitary place — very small, it is a separate building that can accommodate up to six people. Medical care there is very poor. During my stay there I was able to get some professional medical help.

Dentist is not there, there is only the person who pulls teeth — dental technician. In any case, if there was. It is impossible to treat teeth. I know that Autuhovich problem with the teeth. The only operation that is produced there, it vydiranne teeth.

Dining there is not very good. The fact that this colony is in the suburbs, routing traffic is not so difficult to visit the prison, even relatives. I once managed to have gone there a bus, but a year later it was canceled, as was unprofitable. Rest rooms there are decent compared to other colonies, there were plenty of them for long visits.

Shop there is no constant. Is there a prison shop — when it once a week or once every two weeks (how to determine Administration) condemned comes and writes out some products that are in the prison shop, and his account written off related money. Poor selection of goods, prices are too high compared to the city by 30 percent.

Ablameyko: What can the prisoners something to complain about, to defend their rights?

Levaneuski: Well, that's the same bench belongs to the prison authorities, where they have a business, and the control of the prosecutor's office Ivatsevichy no. She is on good terms with the administration and control, if carried out, it formally. The prosecutor, when he comes, the prisoners are not met, complaints are not listened to, somewhere something to note and everything. Complaints who write prisoners are not registered and are lost somewhere, and people who write them, put in a punishment cell. I experienced it myself. As a punishment cell prohibit many of the things required by law to be resolved. However, a person can not complain there. Suicide, Autopsy wires — a very common occurrence in this colony, but it is hidden. During my stay there, people often dissected vein, one even drove myself pin at heart, but it was hidden, there is virtually no information.

I want to emphasize that all of these negative phenomena are more performance-and-go from the operations department, and if you take the chiefs of groups, the administration of a low level, there are normal people. But their power is limited, there are rules of regime-operative department and the head of the colony.

Ablameyko: How many people sitting there?

Levaneuski: There must be 300 people. When I was number reached 500. There are two one-story barracks left over from a military unit, and a small outbuilding, where the first squad — the economic part, attendants, cooks. Now maybe something has changed.

Ablameyko: How are prisoners spend time?

Levaneuski. Sports ground is not there, I once sought, but to no avail. Chief whip prisoner — the lack of jobs. Salary in the $ 3-4 per month — it is a great happiness. There's industrial zone, but the real work is absent. There has not complied with safety, a lot of other disorders, but the administration advantage of the fact that the convicts do not know their rights.

In my time, there was heavy with it. There was the so-called political officer, this is the only person from whom I still have good experiences. Amid all this myarzotstsya he tried to somehow develop a culture of prisoners allowed to relatives brought chess, checkers and backgammon books. It's the only one who has supported me, that there was opened a library. People get bored.

There's some school allegedly opened in my stay, I do not know, it works now. There are many young people who are quite illiterate, can not read. They have great timing for 10-13 years for murder, they go with youngsters translate. There just felt hopeless …

The conditions are there for a sick person, of course not. Autuhovich into that hole is closed just because of him that nothing was heard and not seen. A lawyer to get out there and very hard.

I will be happy if the background of the household insolvency, journalists do not forget about Autuhovich will be coming back, interested in everyday life. I urge people to write letters to Autukhovich — is a big celebration for the prisoner, especially in the colonies as the "Wolf's hole." Even send a postcard or send a blank stamped envelope so that it can send out an email — it will be a strong support for him. And you can write books. In general terms there scary people out there scratching and spiritually maimed, any support Autukhovich he will be very much needed.


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