What happens to the climate of the Russian North?

The issue of climate change was a key international conference on "Climate change and water resources management — solutions in the Barents Region", held June 15-16 in Arkhangelsk. According to the head of the Archangel Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Irina Grishchenko, in the Arkhangelsk region there is a positive change in the temperature trend. "The most intense increase in air temperature recorded last 10-11 years, — informed the form of Russian expert. — Especially anomalous were 2007 and 2008., When the average air temperature in the Arkhangelsk region exceeded the norm by 2-2.5 degrees. Very revealing and a heat wave in 2010, which covered the whole of Russia and was observed in the Arkhangelsk region from early July to mid-August. This heat has led to very rare phenomenon in the North — soil drought in the south-east of the Arkhangelsk region. Such drought was recorded only in 1972, when summer was also hot, but not in time or in territory not repeat the record of 2010. All of this suggests instability climate system of the Russian North "

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