What is the meaning of crop circles?

Interview magazine, "Echo of the Planet" with the British researcher, founder of the world's largest centers for the study of crop circles Lucy Pringle.

— Lucy, how long have you been doing research patterns in the fields and what prompted you to do this?

In general, I explore this amazing anomaly over 20 years. Seriously, I was fascinated by this unusual theme after the first time she's seen such a strange "picture" of the flattened ears. It is one thing — to judge about this phenomenon from the photos and stories of someone else and quite another — to face in person. I then realized that this phenomenon deserves close attention. Fueled interest and a friend of mine who was very ill. After spending some time in the circle, she told me about your impressions and how then changed her mood.

It so happened that in the UK "field patterns" appear more frequently than anywhere else in the world. In this sense, I was just lucky, and the lack of "stuff" I can not complain, "evidence" I have so much that I have to work 24 hours, seven days a week! Also, I travel a lot and have the opportunity to photograph the circles in various countries. I am regularly reports that fancy education is in Japan, the U.S., Australia, Israel, Africa, Bulgaria, France, Canada, Spain …

As far as I know, in Russia enthusiasts also are seeking community — and find them. By the way, at the end of the summer I'm going to go to Russia for a visit, I was offered an exhibition of photographs from my archive. Over the years I have collected a truly grand Photographic images, many of them are on my website www.lucypringle.co.uk Unusual "drawings", the structure of which, by the way, from year to year is becoming complicated, there are not only among the grasses. They are found in the fields of potatoes and sugar cane, among the grass and heather, snow and sand, even in orchards. In addition, my research center owned and the world's largest base of testimonies of people who faced with various manifestations of the influence of the mysterious circles. We have more than 700 such reports.

— It is believed that crop circles — Anomaly recently. But is it really?

Absolutely not. There are numerous data confirming that this phenomenon occurred much earlier. I, for example, there are descriptions of crop circles found in Ireland in the 20's and 30's of the last century. In general, many people told me how as a child playing among such circles — and in the 40 th and 50 th. In their memories, no one thought these images uncommon. Yes, the owners of the crops, of course, rebyatni chased, but no one did not occur somewhere treat, something to learn. To the circle were treated as something familiar and inevitable. And people believed that if there was such a field mark, — expect swashbuckling times.

The earliest image of a circle on the famous engraving of researchers believe the "Devil with a scythe", dated 1687 year. On this old picture shows spikes, arranged in the form of an oval. According to an old legend, once the farmer refused to pay the required amount mowers for his work and dropped this phrase: "Better the devil take this oats!" All night over some lights flickered, came an unusual sound, and the next morning the man does not believe his eyes: some planting was cut and carefully rammed! Actually, the lights and the specific noise and today is accompanied by circles. If your house is close to the field, and one night you feel that something suspicious is going on outside, do not worry — at dawn you'll be surprised. True, no one has been able to see who these circles creates.

— That is, over the years studying this phenomenon because you still have not come close to his unraveling?

Absolutely. I do not know who is doing it, I do not know why it does. I can just as well as all hypotheses. Assumptions can be very different, but one thing is clear: In a lot of circles, to create exactly which people are not involved. It's just impossible. In the UK, such as circles, which can be called "real" always appear in places where fixed geophysical anomaly and the energy associated with the movement of tectonic plates. When this shift occurs, energy is released, there are electromagnetic fields. The "circular" zones consistently been increasing gamma-radiation.

Other analysis showed that the water, which visited the circle, improving its useful properties. There are other important factors, according to which sham, that is really the man-made origin, the "image" you can identify. Suppose, in the seeds of the grass, which is inside the "drawing", proteins contain 30-40 times more than in the ears growing out of education. This is not tampered with! In general, the crop circles are of interest to researchers in many different fields: medicine, mathematics, geometry, engineering, music, astrology, sacred symbols … This "complex", and suggests that their creation involved some higher intelligence. But while we can not say specifically.

— Yet many believe that all of this — the work of pranksters who have a heavy duty lawn mower …

I will not deny it: plenty of mysterious "patterns", of course, there is a "fake." But as a rule, specialists is easy to quickly understand the origin of such. Even the most talented joker can not deceive instruments through which hosts a variety of measurements. Also, people always leave some traces of its presence. And just think: how people can be so finely mowed ears to such a vast area and compacted everything as if from above was imposed huge heaviest press? Always there is a very clear divide between the folded and intact ears. And cereal is not broken — they just gently bent. Do not forget about the impact on the community and the work of art being of people and animals. No, no, I repeat, "fake" can always be distinguished from the "original."

— Speaking of technology, and health. Please tell us more about that.

Syndrome "broken camera" or "nevklyuchayuscheysya camera" — a very common thing. With that face all who study crop circles. How many times have I myself refused technique! The mobile does not work, the camera, the radio. And I know one day after a visit to the circle ceased to operate a bank card and the electronic key to the hotel room. As for the impact on community health, this is a separate and very important topic. In his studies, I was just concentrating on this aspect.

The fact that the discs have an impact on the body, no doubt. It can be either positive or negative. In the years that the study designs in the fields, I'll often come across this effect. Acute headache, severe nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, sudden hunger, confusion, anxiety, fear, embracing euphoria — I think that has experienced the full range of sensations! Visited me and cures.

General relief after staying in the circle may feel even people suffering from serious illnesses. For example, my friend who is ill systemic scleroderma — a rare disease affects the skin, once spent a few hours in a circle, and then found that she could easily be on the back. First time in 15 years! After analyzing plenty of evidence, I have come to the conclusion that the community and the different people are affected differently. One person can get rid of the pain in the neck or shoulder, for many years, pursuing him after the injury, and the other to earn their surges.

However, until the judge has the effect of duration is difficult: it may be short-lived, and can last for months. Well, someone did not feel anything, all individually.

Most of all, at this stage of my concerns the relationship between the community and the course of a visit to Parkinson's disease. I very carefully did a research on this topic. The fact that someone I live with this diagnosis. One day, he was able to visit one of the circles, after which he spent the whole day without trembling and shaking typical of suffering Parkinson's disease. It is my duty to find out whether community really help in the fight against this disease that plagued thousands of people around the world.

— Lucy, if you summarize what you've told me, it appears that the data obtained in the study Crop Circles, could be described as sensational. Why, in your opinion, this does not regularly trumpeted in the world press, do not report on leading TV channels, do not dedicate this transmission cycle? Only occasionally come across some scraps of information.

— That is the question, and still is! I'll give you an example. I was recently invited to transfer to the channel National Geographic. Do not think anyone would argue with the fact that it is very well known, respected and influential media. So, I promised that our conversation will be the basis of serious transmission, entitled circles. I told a few hours before the camera on the results of research, led the figures showing the pictures. As a result of this, the program has become something like a minute, and a conclusion that was made public, came down to the fact that the crop circles — solid hoax. The fact that these people did is called a simple word — fraud.

You see this sort of thing: I'm not one to collect information, help me out by specialists from different countries, including many eminent scientists. Most of them are anonymous, they are afraid to tarnish his reputation statements that do not fit in conventional frames. And me, as they say, nothing to lose, I have long grown accustomed to the fact that they call me eccentric. In fact, one who is seen, what is being said, and felt the influence of the community, is well aware that all this is not nonsense.

Of course, I am very interested in what is behind this behavior of popular media. Rather, they simply can not afford to tell the truth about the phenomenon of community. Probably, the government imposed a ban on. But why? Afraid of the general panic? Thus, at each circle on the field
is always a crowd of curious onlookers, and they are not scared. On the contrary, people want to know the truth. In general, I do not know what's happening. And I just keep quietly doing its job. I hope that your magazine would write things like this.

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