What will bring the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan?



The political landscape

Now the situation in Kyrgyzstan outwardly calm. The authorities even lifted the curfew in the city of Osh, where in June the scene of bloody clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. The victims of the unrest in dozens of people, tens of thousands of refugees. Observers situation remains tense and the central government has little opportunity to take it under control. Many are calling the instigator and even the organizers of pogroms in Osh mayor Melissa Mirzatykava, but he remains in office.

Last week, the excitement has already taken place in the capital Bishkek. They arranged a disgraced politician Urmat Baryktabasav. Against thousands of his supporters security forces used tear gas and stun grenades. Baryktabasav himself arrested.

President Otunbayeva said that his supporters had to kill all the members of the interim government.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies say that this attempt to seize power was funded by the former president of the country Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

But it should be noted that Baryktabasav with supporters arranged such unrest and Bakiyev against him back then was brought criminal case.

A parliamentary republic in Central Asia

Parliamentary elections will be held under the new Constitution, adopted by referendum in June. Under the new Constitution in Kyrgyzstan is the first Central Asian parliamentary republic. The Parliament will be composed of 120 members, the parliamentary majority is elected prime minister, who is the real leader of the country. President of the Constitution assigns the more ceremonial role, as in, say, Germany or the Czech Republic.

An interesting feature: the law no party can have more than 65 parliamentary seats, or a little more than half. According to the creators of the new political system of the country it is — a guarantee against the usurpation of power by one political force and ensuring the rights of the opposition.

Contenders for the parliamentary mandates will be many. In Kyrgyzstan, for 5 and a half million people — 148 political parties and movements. Although, according to experts, will take part in the election is not more than half of them, and will be held in the Parliament of 5-6 games.

Or bring public order elections?

Is there a possibility that during the campaign or after again there will be some excitement? As the situation is quite tense, the surprises can not be excluded. The authority established in the country after the overthrow of Bakiyev April, sees opportunity in the election of legitimacy. Again, according to experts excitement over the potential not before but after the elections. Kyrgyz Uzbeks will be watching to see how many of their fellow countrymen will be on government positions. At the same, but from the opposite point of view, will be watching and some Kyrgyz. And the results of the election can be a catalyst for a new outbreak of ethnic violence.

Besides understood that Elections will be winners and losers. It is possible that the defeated by the Kyrgyz (and not only Kirghiz) declare the tradition of massive fraud and try to take revenge for the defeat at the ballot box in the streets and squares.


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