What you need to invest in a sign for what he earned?

Today we will talk about the signs and runes, as well as on working with them. Let's start with the fact that the signs and runes, contrary to many fairy tales, books and fentiziynym psevdomagicheskim benefits alone will not work.
What does this mean? It's simple. No matter how much hell with runes and secret signs on the ground in a notebook or on the board, no instant permanent or temporary effect, this is not effective.
But at the same time marks drawn on prominent places, over time will affect the actors to observe them in their daily lives. Or on certain factors and events in the lives of the subjects.

That is why the Slavic holidays conductive in Slavic clothing, attended by patterns and ornaments. By itself this is only one aspect of the national dress. It's simple, I can see the signs on the clothing of others, others see signs and ornaments on me. Ornament — this is our Slavic oberezhny sign. Energy essence of our nation in the fine-material world.

It goes with the visual perception of the ornament of our energy is harmonized.
Now we present the impact of passive stipulated mark.

The basic principle of active influence and work with the runes and signs differs from already considered options.
What would make the sign of the fleece to make, it should be properly speak. Charmed sign gets some not independently minded, polurazumnuyu energy substance to be "programmed" to react and act on reality.
Just sledet due attention paid to the material on which a sign, as some materials last longer creates an energy substance, while others dissipate it almost immediately. So the material must be chosen depending on the goals.

Ramble will see the created substance as the glow around the subject of a spell. Color may vary depending on the focus of the plot, the energy began to speak, and even the object itself.
The same energy can take the form of the sign, if the sign began to speak.
Near present can not see anything in the plot, and if they see mental images have started talking and the observer may be somewhat different.

How to feel alien plot on the subject? Since all feelings are subjective, it is difficult to say definitely. It is a matter of practice and personal experience. Still, here's a list of expected sensations: stylost or chill in the fingers or hand, the flow of air, heat.

Those that exercise themselves will experience a very real feeling.

In order to create their own, or speak a rune or item should be considered a whole lot of factors. Since the internal state to the position of stars in the sky. Some also consider horoscope. Although nowadays it is very difficult to find reliable zodiac horoscope, but nevertheless it is a solvable problem. Important not to get hung up on little things and bring their initiatives to end.

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