When he saw a UFO, run!


Famous American ufologist Frank Edwards his book "Flying Saucers — a serious thing" begins with the following warning: "Remember that any contact with a UFO dangerous. You run the risk, even when just watching a UFO. Particularly dangerous UFOs, flying low over the ground.

Try not to be under it. In no case do not approach landed UFO. Do not touch it. It is better to get away from him. " Those tips are contained in the Guidelines on the observation of a UFO, published by the military departments of different countries.

They walked like a flock of sheep

Indeed, experience shows that the majority of contacts with UFOs ended in failure for the people. Those who watched the flight of these objects in the vicinity of yourself, and especially those who came to them, often experienced diverse and far from safe physical and mental effects. For example, such as paralysis, blindness, burns, loss of consciousness, loss of memory, radiation sickness, and much, much more.

The most common when dealing with UFOs is a partial or complete akinesia (immobility, paralysis). Usually it does not last long and disappears immediately after flying UFO. But sometimes the witnesses for the restoration of motor coordination takes time.

In 1970, near the city of Amspring (Minnesota, USA) three witnesses ran away from low flying object that was moving in their direction.

UFO flying over their heads and disappeared, but at the time of its passage, all three of them suddenly gripped complete paralysis. People were frozen in poses runners. Such them and found some time later. All three of them were alive but could not move a finger. Straighten their limbs was impossible. In this state, they were taken to the hospital, where out of a stupor for weeks.

It is believed that unwanted witnesses to paralyze aliens use microwaves. In this case, to the nerves controlling the muscles, send false signals to cancel the command of the brain. In some cases, paralysis can be caused by a direct effect on the brain. In the literature, a case in 1980 in the vicinity of Lake Baikal low flying UFO forced to move for a whole group of witnesses.

People were aware of what was happening and were shocked by the horror: their legs did not obey them, moving as it were "mechanically". They were so near the 200 meters. Along the way, they were joined by two passers-by, who also were in the zone of influence of the UFO. Only when the object flew away, they gained their freedom of movement.

UFOs are capable of producing high-power microwave radiation, which can not only immobilize accident witnesses, but also to apply them to the terrible internal burns. There are several episodes where people and animals during the flight UFO literally fry up alive in a giant microwave oven.

Maimed, and sometimes treated

Often people at close encounters with UFOs lose consciousness. For example, in 1976 a policeman Wheeler from Elmwood (USA), came under the blue beam near the UFO descended, passed out for four days. In 1975, in the vicinity of Boris Gleb soldier Fingers saw near the highway standing on supports disk-shaped object with an unknown glowing dome, tried to approach him, but faced with an invisible protective field and lost consciousness for more than an hour.

Sometimes watching a UFO, even from afar, may worsen vision. Documented cases of UFO witnesses completely blinded. Vision is usually subsequently recovered, but not completely. Or heat rays emitted by the UFO. can cause inflammation in people clothes and severe burns. In November night in 1957 glowing orange UFO flying over the fort Itaipu (Brazil), showering him a strong wave of heat, light extinguished in him and knocking out telephone service.

The object emitted a humming sound when flying over the fort moved to the high-pitched whine. Awakened by soldiers in a panic rushed through the dark rooms. Those who ventured out to the outside of the building, immediately received burns. The object circled over the fort and retreated towards the Atlantic Ocean. That night in the hospital were sent about two dozen soldiers with first-degree burns.

But most of the UFO cause radiation sickness. In 1980 near Houston (USA) car 52-year-old Betty Cash stopped the silver-steel elliptical object hovering low over the highway. Despite the fact that the object was a high fever, Cache tried to approach him. The object flew away immediately, and after a short time on the body of Cash festering sores appeared and started losing his hair tufts. Doctors diagnosed the woman severe radiation sickness.

Known and more sad cases. In 1946, Brazil's 40-year-old postman Prestos was knocked down by a wave of air fly by UFOs. And an hour later, in the presence of many witnesses, his skin darkened, soft tissue on his body began to fall off, laid bare bones and teeth, and after 6 hours the unfortunate postman died.

In fairness it should be noted that UFOs do not always cause injury. Sometimes they are, on the contrary, have a healing effect on people. So. overflying UFO caused rapid healing bleeding wound of the police Roberts (USA, 1965), in another case, the object is fully healed chronic hepatitis in some Lauritzen (Denmark, 1967).

The most surprising event occurred in 1972 in Argentina, with 73-year-old watchman Matseyrasom, which lit up with a huge beam, change its color disc-shaped UFO. After that, the guard felt a strange surge in the legs and suffered nearly a month nausea and severe headaches. His hair began to fall. But it took another two months, and his health rapidly went to the amendment. What's more — the old man began to grow new teeth and new, black hair, and he looks younger thirty years.

A bit of parapsychology

A special theme — is unknown flying objects impact on the psyche of the people. As people psychologically different, and the state in which they are under the supervision of the same object can also be different. Some even before the meeting with the UFO experience a depression (or excited) state and a premonition of something unusual. They are. for example, may wake up in a concern of the night and go to the window, behind which at this moment flying object.

The mere presence of a UFO effect on people. Someone has a sense of anxiety, fear, even terror. Perhaps this is caused by the radiation emanating from the UFO. Sometimes close encounters with the unknown object to an end for witnesses severe stress, leading to serious mental disorders.

UFOs and can influence the subconscious of people, and this effect can last for quite a long time after the meeting with the object. For example, people who were near the UFO, I do not remember what happened to them at that moment. This gap in their memory can recover only through regressive hypnosis, and then not always. Some experts even believe that the pattern of events, the restored witnesses under hypnosis is not true and put into their subconscious aliens.

There are cases where after a close encounter with a UFO witnesses fell into lethargy or sleep for 16 hours a day for weeks or months. In very rare cases, these meetings have led to a sharp rise in mental abilities of eyewitnesses. Some, for example, appeared in the mind of the ability to produce complex mathematical calculation, the other showed a talent for psychic.

The impact of a UFO on the human mind has hardly been studied, but it is clear that none of the known types of radiation can not affect a person like that. Perhaps the aliens and their machines affect the earthlings through some very thin margins, it is possible that these be operated on parapsychology.

This is not to say that UFOs affect people in all cases. Most people who find themselves near them. did not experience any effects. So that UFOs are still mysterious to us and unpredictable, and the questions which they put in front of us can really answer that only time.

Igor V0L03NEV

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