When the «End of Days» is very close …

The fact that the world is beginning to be changes — it is difficult to deny. Unpredictable weather, increased seismic activity of the planet, the anomalous behavior of plants, unexplained death of animals. There will come a time, and you realize that it's the day before the global climate change. That way of life would not be the same. Here and it is time to take quick and important decisions.

The first thing to make contact with their families and friends, and friends with whom you would like to form a group to survive. Survive group much easier than alone — this rule is as old as the hills. After you need to consider a number of things in common. Next, consider which ones.

To merge the free cash. They have to be spent for the purchase of food, warm clothing, fuel, medicines, materials, tools and other items that may be needed for survival. But money itself is not useful then you can, as simply worthless. Do not be afraid to buy too much food and things. They may be useful for the exchange.

Houses collect the most valuable and necessary. When all are assembled, head for the city in its appropriate place. Carry all the things you need to succeed in the shortest time. Rather, life in the city a couple of days will be the same, to stop.

Once you get over to the shelter to arrange things and assign responsibilities. Determine priorities for the arrangement of the economy and start immediately to carry them out. If is summer or spring, it is necessary to start sowing. If fall or winter — the stocking fuel for heating.

Be sure to perform an inventory of the property. It is especially important to calculate the supply of food to all members of the group. If the product is not so much, then you need to think about the sources of their production. Even if the street winter, can be adapted, for example, to do ice fishing.

Best at the first opportunity to acquire livestock: cows, chickens, goats. These animals can provide food all year round.

Given instruction on self-defense, consider several options for behavior, attack other people or wildlife. It is in such cases it is better to get a gun and keep it ready. Bats, knives, slingshots — it is appropriate to all.

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