When will the contamination watch online

When will the contamination watch online
In today's world do not subside armed conflict. That here and there, local wars break out. Countries and governments need resources, which no longer exists in its own territory. Many spices they say: not far off 3rd Global. What will it be? The creators of the film are afraid that we can expect the worst scenario of all possible — bio war.

They analyze the information that is publicly available: the words of sanitary doctors and military oligarchs and heads of state. Around the world, every year there are new, more insecure strains of viruses. They are distributed in conjunction with the birds, animals, food and plants. And it seems that many of them are not natural, and the laboratory of origin — warns the movie.

Over the past two decades, the world's recorded almost 40 thousand cases of plague. And in this first century, we have learned that such viruses H5N1 and H1N1, again heard about the cholera epidemic. What do you expect people on earth?

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