Which family have built a building and the state

In Belarus, the next presidential elections are approaching. Preparation of potential candidates to take part in the election campaign — the theme of many calls to "Freedom."

Maria I., Kvasovka: "I'm speaking for the opposition, for the guys: choose a candidate for president and the team that he was not shot down, so he could go with the team to the people. Choose a brave guy in charge. Such we trust to run the country."

Victor Butoh, Minsk: "I am surprised that Milinkevich realizes he loses Lukashenko, even without fraud. And these presidential candidates are already too many."

Woman: "My call yesterday about a single candidate gave to comment on Mr. Vladimir Kolas. Commentary I'm not happy. Streamlined I do not like the answers. If we are to answer the question, that is true. Why single candidate, if there are no elections and votes are not counted? Speaking vaguely it is better not to say anything at all. "

Man: "What state is building our leader? What family built the anomalous, and a state builds together with their environment. "

Continued the program for the following statement:

Woman: "My son is a novelty on the expertise in inhuman conditions. Please address the international organization for the protection of human rights!"

Sluhachtsy meets human rights activist Tatiana Gatsura:

"First of all it is necessary to contact the registered human rights organization, which is the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. BHC is able to make referrals to the Ministry and the organization to deal with this situation. But the woman said to this man torture, and in this case, please contact the UN Committee against Torture. In my experience was such an experience, when there were such requests and they have led to positive results. "

In continuation messages to remind: the phone a human rights organization "Belarusian Helsinki Committee" — 222-40-00, representative of the United Nations Office in Belarus — 227-48-76. Further calls — a response to the work of Radio Liberty:

Man: "I am a returning student and reader, especially in the category" House of Writers. "I have comments on this column, but do not know how to send them to you."

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