Who was the Dragon?


Hello, dear visitors of the portal "UFO riddles and mysteries of mankind." We would like to announce, as of this article, we publish a series of interesting articles that we consider in detail the characters of folklore such as the Dragon, Baba Yaga and the Bag of Bones.

Tales that mention Dragon, there are, for example, in a three-volume collection of Russian folk tales written by AN Afanasyev. There are similar stories in Ukrainian folklore. The very name of the snake "Dragon" experts connect with Old Church "mountain" (above), the "mountain" (the one above). This fantastic creature in fairy tales depicted flying, "… there arose a great storm, thunder, earth trembles, dense forest dale slopes: flying snakes", "flying at him fierce snakes, fire, firing, death threat," "… the earth twelve miles buzzing, fall leaves on oaks. This kite is flying … on the horse that may have a fever, and the flame of a drink. "


The image of a fiery flying serpent is present in the folklore of many nations and religions of the world far beyond the borders of the Slavic homeland — remember the Chinese dragons or Aztec plumage (feathers coated) Snake. How, then, could it be a prototype? After all, as you know, flying a kite on the ground there, much less such that scorching fire, "fire eating" and the like. With what natural phenomenon could be linked to these stories?

There have been attempts to link the image of a flying serpent or dragon with the dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth at once, some of them were flying reptiles. This is the explanation we consider erroneous, since the dinosaurs died out 60 million years ago, when the Earth there were no people or even their ancestors, and mammals were presented few small animals such as rats and shrews.

Therefore no question of any "memory of generations" in this case can not proceed. And those flying reptiles that once lived on Earth are well known to paleontologists — they are nothing to do with the fabulous Serpent Gorynychem not have.

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