Who were the Saints? .. Slavic Magi in the image of the Holy Fathers

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Think about it — our lands enemy came. There is spiritual degeneration Rusich. But Russia must be saved. The gods are sending a strong soul, so that those in the image of the Saints, did not give the people finally fall. Magi dressed schema and are Svetosh Roda (God) in the image of the Holy Fathers .. How else can save Russia, when a Native Faith persecuted and destroyed ..?

Let us try to understand this, analyzing this information, including Knowledge (Vedanie) Soul and their own feelings, logic and common sense …

Metastasis reached crisis!

Residual (philosophically final) civilization is essentially a cancer metastasis in the natural development of the body of humanity. The dominant feature of the social, cultural and economic forward iudohristianskoy paradigm is false and its offspring — artifice, a phantom, antirealnost, abstraction.

Modern iudohristianskaya religious and scientific paradigm "Man — the law and the measure of everything" (and, in fact, the Torah — "Jew — the law and the measure of all things") does not give a consistent answer to the world order. Privatizing all of the Aesir Vedas is mythical (for idiots) model of the set of worlds, only the lowest, namely belbogs and Chernobog, Jews postulated absolute good (God) and evil (the devil), comprehension that person for life and rewarded free ( Kingdom of Heaven on that other world or communism in the bright future.)

That's it! End of Story! (The curtain closes).

Naive!? Pathetic! Stupid!? … But we are trying to make believe it!

Brand advertising was Jewish thesis before the Gentiles (translated into Slavic "pogantsev") had many gods, and we have — one! What a savings!

But it is (like all of Judaism in terms of ARQ) — "on short legs." As Slavs were their gods, to communicate with other gods they did not need intermediaries. The Jews the same (except for God's angels, archangels, saints, the devil and demons) had multiplied many preachers who use the One God (if you are one, then do it all by myself!) As bait and organized resistance of cancer tumor — a church, a parasite in the body of humanity.

Thus, all other people, not Jews, and Gentiles (draft animals) should:

1. Not to love this wicked world, but to love the Jewish God (religion) and its preachers

2. In science, scientists should look for the absolute truth (philo — love, logos — true)

3. In alchemy, the chemists have to look for "philosopher's stone" that turns all things "in gold."

Conspicuous failure to alchemy Jews went with it, something will happen to the current crisis?

The main outcome of the next crisis is to confirm that a low intelligence quotient (IQ) of Jews and non-Jews. According to the Vedas, the Earth, and with it, all humans, every 42,000 years pass so to speak "evromoyku" global catastrophe in the meteor zone. Dead at 98% of biogenesis, the remaining 2% of the people due to magnetic storms loses his memory and knowledge. If we consider that modern man uses only 3-5% of the features inherent nature of the brain in it, then all of humanity is to be assigned only to a potentially intelligent race.

Therefore, if the global goal of humanity is to maintain homeostasis (integrity) of mankind, all the efforts and resources of humanity should be directed, not by a free (Kingdom of Heaven, or communism), and to increase IQ, ie competence to pass another "evromoyku" unscathed.
Systemic crisis.
In a systemic crisis finite (iudohristianskih) philosophy and science do not stop trying to create some kind of a system of knowledge, which would merge into a single picture of the world of science knowledge, accumulated over centuries, and thus find the general laws that hold the universe. This fails because the feral after the accident the previous civilization, mankind is still going through a split consciousness on the "science" and "religion" and is only now coming to the perception of an integrated system of Ancient Knowledge "ARQ" adopted by the previous civilization, numbering from studies Slavic Magi Academician Chudinov VA hundreds of thousands and even millions of years of existence.

Today ARQ philosophy that preaches harmony between man and nature, the subject (which, incidentally, corresponds to the laws of the Vedas) attacks "as the organism parasite" (magician Tyunyaev Academician AA) younger religions, where the priests are no longer dependent on God (egregor — Magus Petr KP), and depending on the social institution called the church.

Today, a single source of knowledge systems are trying to stand finite "scientists" ("Science — a religion clever", 1), whose minds are burdened iudohristianskimi dogmas, their social myths, and the collision of myth from reality — most often selected is a myth. Alternative to the supposedly "scientific" worldview is idealism (Judaism and his sect: "Religion — the science of idiots", 1), which states that the world keeps thanks to God the creator, is outside of his creation.

But the "materialism and idealism as Nanai boys pushing each other, floated down the river of time, until drowned" (3).
This declaration is based on ancient documents, chronicles, materials Old Believer communities and other various written and oral sources Slavs, Aryans and other peoples of the earth, and to identify the paradoxes of modern religion and science to create a historical and philosophical core subject of the study of Slavic Pantheon Magi (the — Pantheon). The Declaration is a tezisno review the information on the basics of the Universe and the history of mankind, has become known to the founders of the Pantheon at the time of its creation, which should be based on a modern understanding of nature, society and man. But most importantly — by the Declaration to arouse people's interest in their history, to return them to the memory of their ancestors, as well as to revive the ancestral knowledge, correcting the crisis of modern civilization. For only ancestral knowledge can open to others the meaning of their lives and make them happy. Faith of our ancestors naturally rests on knowledge. Moreover, their faith — this is knowledge itself, but rather, a source of knowledge, as the word <Faith> consists of two Rune, reads separately as Veda Ra. Therefore, the wise men of Slavic Pantheon — this is not the Academy of Sciences and the Academy is not religious, the division of which reflects a painful condition ruptured consciousness of modern humanity on science and religion, suffer this and are not able to overcome the duality of consciousness in the Judeo-Christian paradigm.

The global objective is to restore a Pantheon of Democracy Institute Magi. Today, semi-official structures of Russia, including the Russian Orthodox Church, with ehidtsey ask "Where the Magi?" They do not know that "Volkhov" — it is not full-time job, and a state of mind bogoravnoe Slav. A Slavic souls millions, though today not all of them remember and know their ancestors.

A striking example is the famous magician all Russian people Lesson.

Being vysokoposvyaschennym magician, he was able in a short time came to turn the Russian land-wing Greek Christianity with its servility, obedience power and authority, in a completely different religion.
Sergius Orthodox in nature is no longer a Western, it turned into a life-affirming religion sunny celebration of legitimate rights and supreme cosmic justice.
Sergius of Radonezh knew the true teaching of Christ, which is at the root of his Vedic and thus nothing from you did not invent. Christian doctrine of Sergius was the way in which it should have been, at its core is not distinguishable from the ancient Vedic Hyperborean outlook. Moreover, Sergius of Radonezh subtly inscribed his doctrine in orthodox Christianity. And so gently and persuasively, that he believed even Christian fanatics.
In fact, this devotee of orthodoxy managed ancient Aryan Vedic worldview translate into a Christian form. And he did it so skillfully that even detractors had not seen in his actions anything suspicious. Only dedicated understood that the head of the Vedic gods Rod, according to the teachings of Sergius was the "Father in heaven." Ancient Svarog — the son of Rod turned to Jesus Christ, but life — the goddess of love and agreement took the form of the Virgin Mary, etc.

According to his teaching, as in ancient times, was kept institute self-discipline, the moral level of human spiritual growth, which so thoroughly destroyed the Westerners. As before a special assembly of the people condemned many flaws and weaknesses. As well as in the era of the Aryans prohibited the use of alcohol was considered a sin any violence and action, degrading. But encouraged and supported in every way a man of high moral character.
First of all, the love of his native land and its people, the love of Russian national culture, unselfish love for his family and friends. Highly valued in the teachings of Sergius, to achieve high-end, self-sacrifice. Greatly encouraged honesty, truthfulness, consistency, integrity and courage.
Adoption of Sergius of Radonezh in contrast Byzantine and Roman Christianity Aryan family institution endeared to him and his life-affirming teachings of many conservatives to the new religion of citizens. It so happened that at the Church of Sergius spiritually fragmented Russia became united.
Now Vedic Russian and Christians to find a common language. By and large, they had nothing to argue, the more to kill each other. Now they both looked to the West as a hotbed of evil and discord in the kingdom of demons, who, in order to conquer the world Arias — Rousseau, have perverted the true teaching of Christ and opposed his Vedic.

All the major Christian festivals in Russia are a legacy of the time-sacrifice Sergius. And they were not imposed on the people, but rather saved for him. Let in some form, but their essence is the same. Whatever reason, and whatever you say, and so far in Russia colorfully marked ancient Komoyattsy Gras, celebrated a holiday of Ivan Kupala, live in Russia and the Vedic Christmas, celebrated even Kolyada!

Common holidays Vedic Russian and Christians do not share them, but rather unite. And that union, as before, and now involuntarily of such tandem exclude Christianity. Surely this exclusion mechanism was built in tandem between the two religions is a magician Sergius.
After all, any sensible person is unclear what, exactly, does the Russian land alien Christianity, if the same celebration and slavleniya, only with even more profound cosmological meaning, preserved in the ancient faith of the Aryan ancestors?
About Sergius of Radonezh Orthodox science says that this remarkable man has managed to unite in the face of the new Russia Tartar invasion, and this saved her. But then why is this Christian zealot, unifier of Russia, Russian Christian Church canonized only in the nineteenth century? And then, under pressure from the public.

In the context of the expansionist designs of modern Jewish communities by Christianity, over the years to absorb Slavic, traditions, has become a burden and a nuisance. The Bible was the only letter in the form of the church, in fact Slavic rites.

Christianity, sentenced them to death and hastily destructible ekumenistsko-Masonic reformers now is cause sympathy from yesterday's opponents Slavs, ironically trapped in a better position (it did reborn!).

Slavs antiekumenicheskim consciously identify themselves with Christianity, especially Orthodoxy, in the common struggle of humanity for the preservation of cultural and national values.

The reality is that the Slavs, the custodians of people's faith and culture, is quite important to deal with Christianity, sweltering ekumenistskih reformers, this deplorable moment for the Christian people. If we talk about the ideological aggression against the traditional beliefs of the globalists, then from them are equally affected and the Slavs and Orthodox Christians, as well as members of other world religions. Do not suffer with only Judaism.


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