Why on TV shows so many paranormal?

Have not you noticed how much was mysticism, esotericism, conspiracy on TV? A number of popular channels, including a respectable Ren-TV, obsessed with these themes.

I do not mean the usual "yellow" set (magic, psychics, witches) — is itself, and by the standards of quality air time, it is a serious-looking program, filled with candidates, doctors, and corresponding members. Shambhala, Hyperborea, secret knowledge and society, the agents of lost civilizations, conspiracy theory, geopolitics … As if Miguel Serrano and Jean Parvulesco wrote these fascinating scenario. Like it on television, and even on a scale not previously observed.

The easiest way to explain this phenomenon is an attempt to "divert attention" man in the street. But I think the problem is more complicated. People are beginning to be accustomed to the idea that the real power always has a mystical foundation that affect a predefined plan by some hidden forces of history is almost impossible. More recently, such ideas were considered marginal and semi-underground. Now they are available to the general public and are supported by academic authorities.

In fact, put forward the concept of a theory reminiscent of the Jewish conspiracy. On the one hand, it seems to be going the revelation of secret plans, on the other — is the exposure of the Jews as a collective demiurge, always and everywhere, the judging history.

The same pattern emerges antipassionarnaya and numerous stories about global conspiracies on Russian TV. Ambiguous enough to obtain exposure. People become like hypnotized banderlog, wandering in the jaws of a boa constrictor. Even those who understand what is happening, unable to resist.

It is characteristic that in all these telerazoblacheniyah Russian power output of the brackets. The idea is that it must follow that the current regime is still protects us against the encroachments of international conspirators. The authors gear such straightforward conclusions, of course, do not, but indirectly fed to them. In this case, the relationship of the current Russian authorities with the so-called global elite speaks only in passing.

Meanwhile, there is something to say. Get at least a relationship with "amicably loved" all conspiracy theories, the Rothschild family. One of her recent representatives of Nathaniel Rothschild is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RUSAL — giant company — a monopolist, which owns the entire aluminum industry in Russia. Currently, he is also planning to head the board of directors of Norilsk Nickel.

"I guess you can say I'm back in the Rothschild Russia" — supermagnat said in an interview with the newspaper "Vedomosti". Another person involved in frequent conspiracy theories — bank Morgan Stanley, in the two thousandth year was to manage the placement of bonds of Gazprom. So it does not need any conspiracy. The close cooperation of the Russian government with the global oligarchy is evident. Suffice it to these facts public. The problem is that these facts are not convenient for the concept of television whistleblowers.

However, the central theme of such programs is, of course, "aliens" from outer space. I must say that its promotion of information quickly gaining momentum not only in Russia but also in the West. If earlier stories about encounters with "aliens", to put it mildly, been called into question, and the participants of the "meetings" were suspected of schizophrenia, it is now the theme of "Aliens" is no longer marginal.

About encounters with UFOs, and even the inhabitants of "saucers" tell soldiers, pilots, sailors, and quite comely bourgeois. It is hard to imagine that all these people are so shamelessly lied. The question then is, what they have seen, really?

The largest traditionalist twentieth century, Rene Guenon claimed that people no longer see the creatures described in ancient myths, as a result of the compaction process (hardening) of the matter. This process is, in his opinion, the same as the spiritual degradation of humanity.

As a result, the relationship of people with subtle worlds interrupted. But at a certain stage of degradation wall between the worlds can crack and then we will rush to the infernal creature type. As part of the post-industrial society views Guenon seem exotic, but in the last decade of his works are becoming more known.

Maybe discoveries in the field of high technology and indeed humanity closer to the previously invisible subtle worlds? Then, this approximation can become dangerous.

I believe all this information boom around the "aliens" in the end is nothing but a form of restoration of paganism. Almost as reliable facts about various researchers tell us that the gods of the ancient world were "aliens." The theory of the transfer of alien knowledge, which became the foundation of human civilization, actively popularized.

Felt serious financial investment in feeding this theory. It is clear also that the modern man is easier to believe in the "aliens" than Zeus or Odin. In this context, particular importance is the issue of priests or those who, according to the theory of extraterrestrial civilizations, had intellectual contacts, rather than simply meeting with "strangers."

Therefore popularizers of modern paganism confidently say about the connections of some representatives of the world's political elite and the "guests from outer space," which supposedly took place in the twentieth century. In the future, the social pyramid of society can be re-legitimize the existence of secret mystical knowledge at the top. With mediacracy is not as difficult as it may now seem.

It is natural that in the theories of the "aliens" is hardly mentioned Christianity. The appeal comes down to pagan traditions. In fact, it is part of a massive attack on the Christian and wider — a monotheistic world view. This attack is now under way in all directions from ethics to theories of extraterrestrial origin of civilization and even life on Earth. Legalization of conspiracy concepts in politics and science — only a small part of the fundamental themes.

Andrei Lapshin
Edition of the "free press"


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