Will pay 10 thousand dollars and take away the work book

In Gomel, dismissed for lack of trust sellers section "Dishes" enterprise "Obltorgsouz" sued the directorate. In the lawsuit, they are asked to recognize the illegal dismissal and restore them to work with the payment of average earnings for the enforced absence.

Sellers was fired after inventory. The administration argues that the goods has missed 160 million rubles. That's roughly a third of all inventories of commodity section, which reports directly to the wholesale and retail basis "Elektrohoztorg."

Vendors claim that no one in fact did not understand the reasons for the lack of astronomical. Management of forced sellers to make the cashier to 28 million rubles.

Dismissed the saleswoman: "When I found the administration, the amount of shortage, we just put in a room and said, write receipts for how long you will make 28 million. We will determine the time and you keep it — and make, make that amount. That's all. They are more of us do not needed . "

One of the sellers paid the proposed amount, and she was dismissed by agreement of the parties. The other zavpartsilisya: pay around 10,000 dollars at a monthly salary of 150 dollars sellers are not able to. And not knowing the grounds on which they are required to pay such a sum.

As a result, the four women workers administration sent home by post telegram them to take their work books — their just and was dismissed for lack of confidence.

Three of the dismissed claims sent to the courts for protection of their rights:

"We want to achieve at least some justice. It is necessary, perhaps, to prove that we were dismissed for lack of confidence. All of us working in the trade for a long time. And so perakreslits everything, all work book …

All of us working in the trade for a long time. And so perakreslits everything, all work book …

And who is it proven that we can not trust? "

In the official trade union dismissed the sellers do not go — did not feel his support at work.

They appealed to the Gomel office of the independent Belarusian trade union of radio-electronic industry.

Legal inspector of the trade union Leonid Sudalenka said:

"Store clerks turned to our union for help. They consider unjustified dismissal for lack of confidence. Our union has helped prepare sellers lawsuit against the recognition of illegal dismissal.

Of course, an employer may dismiss an employee for lack of confidence, but case he has to prove the guilt of a shortage. "

At the same time dismissed wanted to become members of an independent trade union — they wrote the application for accession to the REP that his lawyers can defend their interests in court.

Such a situation has already taken place in Gomel in the commercial joint-stock company "Center", which chohom dismissed for lack of confidence due to lack of some three dozen vendors store number 14.

With the help of the legal service of REP dismissal declared unlawful. The tenant paid the sellers more than 30 million rubles as compensation for the enforced absence and moral damages.


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