Wisdom Russian Magi

Revelations of the book is devoted to the elders of Northern Russia. Their message — invincible weapon warrior, smashing hordes Legion of Darkness.
All of the essays in this book, published in "National Security and the Geopolitics of Russia"


Knowledge of the truth of the universe came the various ways people have in abundance. Started in confusion and chaos in this vast array of information.
As previously reported force that deliberately taken away the thoughts of man for thousands of years in miropredstavlenie illusory, due to the implementation of an information breakthrough to a real understanding of reality after a break to refocus, making the regrouping. Since direct routes of exposure space revelations showed extreme distortion, and in many respects false so-called "scientific picture of the world", the centuries-old effort to generate anti-human forces essentially dead human resources information have failed. Quite clearly in the light of truth will illuminate all the empty garbage heaps scientific provoking terrestrial inhabitants to self-destruction.

Mankind has, through its representatives such malevolent alien forces which are unknown defeatism. These forces are always in attack, even in moments of retreat. And now they are still in a state of attack: the expansion continues. Legionnaires regrouped and changed methods and ways of invasion. Instrument of classical science has exhausted himself with that previously reliable shield is impossible to continue to successfully obfuscate human consciousness. Therefore, we have in front of decaying and destroyed a seemingly unshakable unspiritual church building science, and the main force of legionaries left to capture a leading position in the field of direct knowledge, coming from the forces of cosmic justice in order to help the earthly humanity perishing under the pressure of a more technologically advanced kosmokolonizatorov.

At the present stage the legionnaires have excessively complicate the development of mankind once again open the Vedas, since in view of the multiplicity of channels of the people of knowledge are difficult to deform, and time is working against the forces of invasion. That is no longer possible to create a new humanity unreasonable "sverhnauchnoy picture of the world", which also would work well on the degradation and degeneration of humans as the earlier "scientific picture of the world." That is why the form of Legionnaires perfectly truthful parcel of true knowledge on such powerful information saturation blocks that must cause irreparable damage to the unprepared state of mind of man (which often happens with enthusiastic enthusiastic development of the knowledge, quite different in quality from the traditional scientific knowledge). For those whose mind is developed enough to contain the volume of knowledge, apply systematic methods of crushing the perception of information materials. This is achieved by randomly fragmented presentation of relevant information in books, publications, lectures, confidential conversations, presentations at conferences and seminars, which does not allow a person to form a holistic understanding of the Truth. As a result of all earthly humanity, only a few of sane mental state possess integrity of outer world.

Sons Magus had the time to hide, since they was a constant hunt for elimination, as the carriers of spiritual strength. Waiting time for these things filled with integrity — Veda reopened people. Spiritual Men Earth smashes villains force of Vedic knowledge.

The underlying essence of cosmic knowledge, which, above all, to understand humans, on which much depends on the fate of their nearest and which is so sought earlier and are now striving to hide from people inordtsy, consists of only one phrase: "Man — the most powerful being in the universe as in creative terms, and destructive. "
For millennia, not people makes one forget about their true nature, so he could not consciously use their incredible abilities for the benefit of creating good works. Unfortunately, the efforts of legionaries and their alien masters met with considerable success — the man has become a slave whose ability to use and still enjoy the cosmic forces of evil in his own interest.

The truth of the Vedas, the open again to mankind, promotes the liberation of man from the bondage of earth. Awakened blissful power of human nature can dramatically improve the overall situation on the Earth and in the galactic expanse. The trouble is that many people do not want their freedom, unconditionally accepting outsiders imposed universal values that are nurtured by their slavish ideology assignment vitality parasitic extraterrestrial intelligence. This might seem strange, but the civilization of modern terrestrial humanity is formed by the direct involvement of the alien civilization as the donor does not know it. People today so keen consumer race that is just not able to realize his servile position in relation to non-humans nadtsivilizatsii occupying Earth.

Potentially, a person is able to power its internal natural forces, not only to break the chains of slavery and cleanse the earth of evil spirits, but also lead them to the principles of equal importance to a new spiritual dimension, a number of less gifted by the Spirit of galactic civilizations, including the civilization of the present occupants of the Earth, until you can see a man of his deliverer of hopeless deadlock involution.
But for those high deeds a person needs to understand the divine nature. That's all.

TIME Chrysostom

In Russia, for centuries worshiped powerful mind people who are having the greatest knowledge and life experience, and helped to understand everyday situations any person who applies to them for advice and admonished. Sages of the people called it such sorcerers capable ordinary human language to explain the meaning of what happened, is happening and preparing for the accomplishment. Sages devoted to is the highest rank of the popular rumor, show their skills with equal effectiveness in all situations and at all levels of the social hierarchy. Their clarity of thought to the subject matter fully manifested at the level of the common people, and to the highest and the honored scholars of all countries and peoples.
The credibility of the wise is not based on a pseudo-scientific arrogance, not pereutyazhelennoy format for your thoughts, not the phraseology maloupotreblyaemoy narrow circle of specialists of the field of scientific research, not on a desire to humiliate and crush the opponent through subtle casuistry — the credibility of their words stems from a natural desire to bring knowledge to life anyone looking for a true man no matter what the social scale, he was not.

When the wise man says, he is not drawn to the person or audience brilliance of his scholarship. He does not care to favor him, and all he said was powerful. He, in fact, do not care who listens to his knowledge — ordinary worker of physical labor, statesman or highbrow scientist. The main thing for him — to convey to people the gift of their knowledge. If there is someone to listen to the word of the wise man, means that the flame of life has not yet died out, that the soul of the people is alive and will return to Earth during daylight universal harmony.
So, the sage of low-grade nerd distinguish simple enough: the sage says simply, clearly, concisely and respectfully, and pompous egghead — pereuslozhnenno, complicated, long-winded and dismissive. The wise man does not shy away from her daily life prosaic cares, nerd tries to look and feel more and more high ranks of government and scientific bureaucratic ladder. It is thanks to the widespread dominance of aggressive, greedy for money and power wise men more than three centuries, is an increase in the distance between the people's wisdom and mainstream science, accompanied by exemplary humility Russian sages.

In scientific circles all the problems discussed so zabaltyvayutsya social processes in society, and to check turns out that life is flowing why not on the approved in accordance with the scientific view of the world plans and schemes. Without exception, the scientific theory of society people are ephemeral, as out of touch with reality. Therefore, in the minds of modern scholars of social scientists today reigns mess and shrapnel outlook. But down from its contrived Mont Blanc to the initial point of reference, it does not allow pseudo-scientific hubris. Pouring from a sieve flows false notion of objective reality, they are in ever-increasing scale replicate and extend miropredstavlenie surreal, that is provide ideological cover builders built environment of modern technocratic civilization, the pathos of which is planning a trivial self-destruct 5/6 the number of people on Earth.

But the sages are not idle: the cycle of passive contemplation is over and today they are again, as in former times, carry out their actions in the midst of the people. These Chrysostom favor forming a complete picture of people's minds instead of the fragmented world order that drummed into their heads lie centuries of so-called positivist science.
People! Take a look around. Stop listen verbosity talkers from science and about her. Try to hear the voice of simple folk wisdom. Re-create in his mind the image of a correct view of the world based on the universal manifestation of the cosmos. Bring your other beauty conscious holistic knowledge of the world, which, oddly enough, are simple and easy to assimilate sane people. A person with a holistic view of the world, is based on the harmonious unity of the earthly and the Skytrain, is capable of high-ways of life. From people coming undistorted light of knowledge which most noticeable is not seeking the Truth from the stands zaformalizovannyh events and circumstances in the natural conditions of ordinary life in intimate conversations and conversations.


The globalization of the modern world economy is not in the premise of optimizing the financial and trade flows, and improve profit margins. Globalization processes forces are tied to the economy of mankind "lending rate", trying to cover up already appearing among intellectuals understanding of the true nature of the prevailing world economic relations. This is particularly evident sewing white thread emerges when considering the modern analyst issues of national economic systems. The only reason that these simple in its uniqueness conclusions of experts on the stability of the world economy has not yet become the property of the mass consciousness of the people, is that none of the popular charismatic personalities of our time failed to this day to gain the spirit and proclaim for all to hear: " The king is naked. " Under the "king" means "borrowing rate" — the cornerstone of the modern world of finance. The same loan interest that was the basis of biblical civilization so-called "scriptures" from ancient times.

So, originated 2000-3000 years ago an economic system that serves the vital activity of the currently effective social model, can function only if the immorality of human relations. The essence of the modern economy, whatever its level are considered, is primitive confrontation seller and buyer (in the generalized sense of these terms) for someone who cheat more. All the talk about honor entrepreneur — just a beautiful story for the uninitiated, since any "fair" deal as the hidden deception that none of the partners does not even attempt to hide it. Perversion of ethical concepts in business has reached such a level of cynicism that under the "fair" means a transaction, for example, 30 40% lies in its opinion on the part of each of the participating parties.

Perverted operations "purchase and sale" human morality nowadays actively cultivated in the public mind an extremely effective technical telecommunications media. You can talk about this aggression global immorality on the moral foundations of mankind. It is the dominant global immorality, backed economies universal deceit, now rapidly building is built of a single world government. If humanity, like uncomplaining herd, customized immoral shepherds, and will continue to follow this path, then all ethical principles, are produced from ancient times until the present time to regulate the relationship between people, can be attributed to the archive as unnecessary. And that would mean neither more nor less than a fundamental violation of the laws of space feasibility, which will inevitably lead to devastating consequences for the peace of the Earth. Therefore, all those who cherish and the country of residence and its peoples, and life on the planet, and the happy future of the new generation of earthlings must radically change their attitude to life and to stop being indifferent to continue trampling indigenous values of Homo Sapiens, without which its existence is virtually impossible, even from the laws of physics.

No philosopher, political scientist, economist, financier, the sociologist can not now reliably determine the model of the future of social economic organization of human society. This is logical, because for all, without exception, scientists prerequisite for any theoretical framework on this issue is the position of the indestructibility of the functioning of global finance. In reality, the days of the economy "lending rate" are numbered. Here is why. Direct knowledge from enlightened people in all parts of the world in many different ways and methods directly from representatives of reasonable space community, regardless of the position of the government and public institutions have contributed a significant reversal of the world's population from the philosophy of the consumer society to the philosophy of strict following the cosmic laws. It follows from this fairly simple and understandable to anyone (unless of course he still retained the human nature) Life consists in relating any of his action or thought with the highest principles of morality and ethics. And it is no secret that wherever there is a man of high moral economy "lending rate" starts to crack and to break down, until he was no longer functioning. And this is connected with the fact that morally pure people for the transformation of the spiritual component passing through their hands the money they have earned an honest and righteous work. Therefore stops the economic enslavement of humanity through the cultivation of immorality as a commodity money relations, and in the everyday coexistence of human communities. Bringing the world of love of his heart, every man becomes a conductor of the universal pulse of transformation of our beautiful planet, which for too long slighted darkness of ignorance spreads its tentacles through tenacious unjust economic relations.

Society of the future — it is a certain formation, fundamentally different from the well-worn cliches of our social system. Therefore that mainstream scientists are positivists, unable to comprehend the absurdity of the economy "lending rate", will never be able to determine the way of life of the future of human society. Their rigidity in the "scientific" knowledge based on false postulates, never let them come to terms with the idea that in the future people will be the basis of its social organization communal way of life of ancient times. Life itself will show specifics, depending on the total number of people who at the time of the general demolition of unnatural living conditions on the planet need to gain confidence and get rid of the laws of the total anti-human paradigms.

Power newfound secret knowledge people primary source of human civilization — an insurmountable obstacle for the globalization of the cult of immorality that is doomed turn to dust under the influence of the Light of Truth.

JOY creative energy

Russian Vedic civilization dramatically increased. Mockingbird profanatory provocateurs, defamatory and profane the sacred Vedas Russian law code will not be able to withstand a high-frequency energy, which became operational in the coming new age of spiritual attainments ancient civilization Primal Earthlings. She is known in the environment, called on Russia Vedic. Russianness, and terrible for all the destructive and anti-human, is at every moment of earthly life by the power and quality of new energy flows, gradually replacing the energy from space involutional pulse. Topple into oblivion will be subjected to many and many of today's heroes and idols of the tribe lost the truth people. All emitting from himself or herself through the power of destruction, will be collapsed and packed in a closed continuum of energy for later use in the conversion and constructive purposes.

Masters of modern immoral reality, marked Capital, are agents of radiation alien world civilization, its disastrous impact on the biosphere. Worm-Rus Vedic purificatory energovibratsy convert leads to the fact that these vehicles are forces of destruction in the universal dissipation spaces. Stay on the earth plane will help them only their unconditional self-exposure, followed by removal from the protective shell money themselves cocoons. Cleanliness and purity of the soul and of the mind — that is missing in the new era of spiritual values.

Guardians of Russian Vedic civilization until the complete elimination of the money form of regulation of social relations in vseuvelichivayuschemsya scale designed to convert currency to the level of the Sign of Light. Money with this status have absolute protection from the effects of dark energy. Forces of destruction will never be able to repay these bank notes under the management of programs to promote the monstrous destruction of mankind. The money that has already acquired the status of Signs of Light function actively in the global financial sector, helping the forces of creation in their noble deeds. In addition, such banknotes has a blocking effect on any financial transaction misanthropic character. And these converted money every day it becomes more and more into the depths of the global financial mechanism.

The Russian offensive was marked by the grace of the Vedic Civilization News to all people of the Earth — Signs of Light in cash found in a number of volumes of critical mass, which caused the first minutes of the third millennium (in the Christian era, while dominating on the planet Earth) is a chain reaction of global change in the financial picture of the modern , so — and the entire way of life of the peoples of the world.
Bridges burned. Return to the old order management community of people on the basis of a partial or complete sale and purchase money over human souls will never happen — it is impossible, even on a theoretical level.

All living rush forward into a new human reality. To such aspirations can only pure spirit people high energy thoughts. The road to a new reality no one ordered: any lost, committing petty oborenie their weaknesses, baseness animal living arrangements and put material attachment, can, thus purged of the dross in the deeds and thoughts, to strive together with the people of the new formation to the Light of Life, commanded to us by our ancestors.
It is said that the road by walking.

LIGHT original knowledge

Initially, there are immutable laws of the universe. Original people lived a natural life in the sense that they had been in a harmonious unity with all life. This sense of the harmonious integration, functional notation and subordination, as well as strong consistency with all the processes that take place in a living organism of the universe, it is impossible to determine what or modern term.

For example, the term "scientific knowledge" is very limited. In addition, he is burdened with such a disadvantage, as the fragmentation and fragmentation of the true facts and events which do not allow to achieve a comprehensive understanding of completeness miropostroenii even in limited areas of the universal laws of manifestation of the universe. Actually, the "scientific world" in the conventional sense of the life of human society is moving in its experimental knowledge of the physical world to the touch. Most discoveries have openly random.

Man, as a complex phenomenon spiritually physical reality, initially I was living in all its completely natural. And this life in a natural or man brought the incomparable happiness of life complete, and the world around him — the harmony of evolutionary development.
This went on for a long period up to the time when the terrestrial world against his will began to sink into chaos involution. Since then began crushing is not subject to division by the gradual domination of the private over the general. This process culminated in the ideological impasse, the end point which put the "positivist" approach cognition of objective reality: the socially recognized intellectual groundwork of modern human civilization is like a swamp bog — there is absolutely no guarantee that the next step of scientific and technological progress will not be fatal.

Shards of the original truth of being elected to save it sages, sweeping through the relay principle these sparks single flame source of life in millions of years, and the most serious test of planetary catastrophes. Where once this knowledge hidden from the masses of people, they are now widely available.
Who can, that together in your mind the fire of the original knowledge. Such a person after such enlightenment is no longer needed will be no guidance "spiritual heads": it is simply included in the flow of life, showing it in their acts. He knows a priori what to do, where to go, what to take and what flatly refuse, and grows from this knowledge the images that are required to worship other people. Orthodox attempts to get him what that evidence or other reasons or that its approval or action is doomed to failure — the formal logic of civilization, well entrenched in the world in the artificial environment of their own illusions, does not exist in the real world of the living space. Clean and cosmic thoughts of these people just let them know the truth in the application-specific events and facts — a luxury not allowed "intoxicated" the official teaching of their orthodoxy miropredstavleniya.

In this case, the conservative values of educational institutions have absolutely no value. What is important is not a diploma — purity of thoughts, deeds and noble morality goals determine the significance and importance in the human world the TRUTH. Enclosed to this world, people can help all people who want to enter into this world and become the shining lights of his. It is important to emphasize — that sincerely wish the people. This process does not like, for example, the act of civil status. From aspiring require continued efforts to perceive the spiritual realm in his mind those who do good to the fire of knowledge.
Everyone has their own way. Some, in the temple of the soul leaving the calf, are doomed to pass involutionary cycle in its entirety and burdens. Others, heading to the light source will progressively evolve, spreading the joy of district and love.


The Russian people naplela many different tales. Some define it as a collection of "mattress", others consider it a blissful and sverhdoverchivym, others are of the opinion that its main advantage — drunkenness. In short, the only Russian and marked his broad mind so welcome. They are, they say, are not able to create a normal state structure of their lives. They liking a drink, carouse, have fun, hlebosolnichat etc. And control them for their own good, can only be certain foreign rulers — the Germans, Swedes, Poles and other European Vikings.

However sorely mistaken detractors of the Russian people in their far-reaching calculations. Wrong in the fact that they can not understand the great Vedic attitude to Russian life — the very transformative effect, the same creative power (no wonder Russian best work), which were at their ancient ancestors and secretly preserved by the Russian people.
In Russian the harsh conditions of life is very pronounced the special quality of the national character, which from the perspective of the modern day is a blatant ethnic weakness. The same quality was also inherent in the original, whose whole life was completely focused on the purpose of creation and creativity and that are not invested in the image of their thoughts, in their activity, in relation to other sentient beings mechanisms to protect their way of life.

It was assumed that everything in the universe has to strive for excellence, to the constant development, the light and the darkness, the darkness, immorality, in principle, should not exist in the world. Those events that are aimed at it, under the influence of light would have to spontaneously disintegrate. But it turned out that not all that easy. Yes, they are for how long you break up, but on a limited part time they are very strong and can destroy themselves and destroy an act of light forces, which is what happened to the items original creations humans.

The ideology of the original in the most complete form preserved in the Russian people as its national ideology. The same epic Russian spirit — this is the original Vedic spirituality.
And all those who have already crossed Russian from the stage of history, as well as previously written the original, itself doomed themselves to historical oblivion. They do not consider, just philosophically can not understand that the present is full of Vedic tradition psychoenergetic sources of protection and defense. Saw the development of the Vedic tradition in the direction of excluding potential aggression by the forces of the adversary, that is included in the Vedic way of life is so lacking original defensive function. It now has and is aimed at the full development process going in the world, on their luminosity, which itself transforms all dark to normal, kind, creative, positive and joyful.

And now this updated ideology saturates the Russian spirit, that is, self-conscious defensive features a Russian. Thus, we can say that the forces of darkness early to celebrate the complete and final victory over the Vedic tradition, which is most evident in the traditions of the Russian people, in the spirit of the Russian people. And the Russian steel is much stronger in all areas, because more and more moving away from the wrong path, imposed all earthlings forces of darkness, aggression, and showing his bright spirit, now safely protected inside (intrinsically safe), Russian became not just more — they again become masters of the universe, the Lord of life situations.

And do not be afraid that established tyranny, despotism, or even something like this — the Russian with their open heart and soul, the nature of community, the desire for collective management, for companies to communicate openly is not intended to despotism and aggression. They establish fair, just world.


In recent years, the domestic "Westerners" are striving to present to the public podium Russian culture as an integral part of Western culture only. Like, the modern culture of Russia is entirely focused on Western values. No influence of the East is not — it's all fairy tales and fictions of those who rejects the "great" Western culture. And Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky entirely grown on the western roots. Pushkin did not really have any interest in the East. Lermontov was also very limited interest in the Orient, which is so in anything serious and not developed. That's it. No more, no less.

However, all the little less educated Russian people are well aware that an attempt to cut off the homegrown Westerners eastern roots of Russian culture — a political order of powerful forces in the world, which is easier to carry out their aggressive plans against Russia on a well-proven in the West scheme.
Why is it now so alarmed advocates of Western ideology? Why are they so clearly prevents the thinking public understanding of Russia as a Eurasian power, and encapsulating the East and West?

Events of the late XX — early XXI century clearly showed that the Russian "Westerners" carry out the order of supranational forces of world hegemony serial dismemberment of the country and stands on the ruins of its standardized gray Western culture. With this surrogate culture can be easily manipulated and the individual, and whole countries where there is civil society of the Western type, in order to establish a single world government. West fostered domestic obschecheloveki terribly afraid awareness Russia itself as Vedic Russia that gave rise to global culture of the East and the West and South. Afraid of strengthening the Russian expanses of Northern Tradition — the source of the ancient Aryan Hyperborea.

If Russia is in the minds of its people identified as Vedic Russia, plans world behind the scenes is not destined to come true ever. If the nations of the world, after that, aware of their ancient unity zizhdyascheesya on community primary source Borean period of human history, the "Tower of Babel" false umopostroeny world culture will collapse overnight. Then the mountains of useless pseudo-works based on false historical fact-and intended to legitimize the distortion of truth, will be doomed to oblivion. People will realize that slavery is inherently Western-world-dominating today on a global scale, has brought humanity to civilizational impasse with the total loss of evolutionary priorities for further development.
Few modern people can even imagine about all that lost themselves multitude of people who are doomed to despair trying to extend the lifetime of the building collapsing debris actively corrupt to the core of the Western world. World where everything is measured by money, even the most intimate feelings. Which formed conditioned reflexes to extract material benefits of all things: of love, of patriotism, of the health of the parents, of children's abilities, from the nature of his body, etc.

These people used to live blissfully in a virtual world economy "lending rate" refer to the category of terminally ill patients, to use medical terminology. They have fundamentally impossible to return to the true foundation of life, with no tumor formation such as money, private property, materialistic rationalism, unbridled greed, blind faith in a supreme being who came down from heaven, and save the poor and unfortunate, but "fair" businessmen …

For an extension of its well-fed existence, which in itself does not imply spiritual development of man, a strict enforcement of moral laws, impeccable follow moral obligations, these "spiritual disabilities" has now become a terrible and ruthless force to destroy everything that does not fit into their view of life consumer as a source of pleasure.
However, the opposition of the Legion of consumer paradise restore Vedic way of life is doomed to failure: Russia Kosmomir Vedic manifesting on the planet Northern Tradition, so comprehensive and profound that all the "great" materialistic culture of the West is represented in it only a small particle of the Vedic universe. This piece appears in reality only when a large number of parametric constraints of space temporal order. Therefore legionnaires pull society in a cage full of oppression of human nature, and not to the heights of creative freedom and liberation of the spirit.

Vanity and cruelty of the Westerners, their mad rage to crush dissent in the world, which they publicly announced their undivided patrimony, openly manifested in our immediate time. Provoked backstage directors of the Western way of life world events of autumn 2001 — a vivid example of them, in fact, anti-human ideology.
But that's just all such acts of the power of collective madness Westerners will not be able to restore their status quo, to return to the international community to reckless service cult of Mammon.

Proponents of Northern Traditions, endowed with Vedic knowledge, without any fuss empty quietly watching the agony of the Western world, this cancer on the body of the Earth. Live Earth irreversibly removes the "formation" of the organism. And to prevent this global process is not able ministers of the temple of Mammon. Therefore, any hysterical throwing western and others like them obschechelovekov absolutely meaningless: to mankind a new time has come for new values of the ancient Vedic way of life.

Northern Tradition comes in the purposes of the harmonious unity with the natural organisms of the Earth. Only organic inclusion of people in the natural biocenosis in the future will allow them to live on Earth. Our ancient ancestors that way and lived in harmony with the natural habitat.
The memory of this natural lifestyle media ideology of "lending rate" for centuries in every possible way tried to erase from the attitude of people lining up for human artificial habitat. But to deal with this global challenge, they could not: the voluntary renunciation of the "achievements" of Western civilization and the massive rush of people to the natural conditions of life observed in modern society, shows the crushing collapse of the concept of a consumer paradise on earth.
North Russia Vedic tradition is the solemn procession through the cities and villages, gaining more and more supporters, full of grace the earth.


Veda — it is life. Evasion of the Vedas — is death. Another is given.
After the destruction of Atlantis Aryans were the only carriers of knowledge that modern nations of the world are called the Vedas.
All aspects of the Aryans match that knowledge. This way of life is defined as the Vedic way of life.
Arias marshaled his thoughts, and after them, their desires in the canons of the Vedas. This is the Vedic way of thinking.

Living in the power of the Vedas, the Aryan race had the wisdom, spiritual power and omnipotence of the original. Hyperborean Aryans saw in the destruction of Atlantis the sad fate of the people who had strayed from the Vedas, is consigned to oblivion by their ancient precepts.
They centuries stronger in their awareness, their vitality in the rack according to the Vedas his livelihood.
For Life airs suffered this knowledge on the ground, once again join this uncomplicated lifeblood of other people who somehow were remnants of previous human civilization, for various reasons, have lost the original knowledge.

Aryans mixed with indigenous peoples. Severe, often have animal, the manners and customs of these people came from the north to the Aryans created the threat of losing their Vedic way of life and the completeness of the Vedas.
After the arrival of the Aryans in India Vedas have been documented, with the result that there were Vedic manuscripts. In some other habitats were also detected fragments of knowledge. The volume of the fragments were determined by the degree of preservation of the Aryans brought knowledge at the time of fixation.
Vedas originally existed in oral form. In Russia, the Vedic, the world whose mission is to preserve the knowledge of the original, the Vedas live in the minds of people in the oral tradition. They had not documented. And it was right.

The machinations of anti-human forces that are interested in the removal of the original consciousness of knowledge humans have led to the fact that the number of people gradually SOURCE — holders of the knowledge, followers of Vedic way of thinking. They had very few.
And then, finally, it's time to gather them together. Get together to put together all the things that each of them stored.
Births to hit the road at the cathedral of knowledge holders original Aryans.
The combined fragments yavyat world vseochischayuschy fire power of human civilization. His fire perish all evil, svivshaya a cozy nest on the ground.

Revived the Vedic worldview — saving straw for the survival of many dying in hell of the modern world, the source of initiation to the light lost in the temple of the golden calf.

Childlike RUSSIAN

Russian people, retaining its inherent centuries childlike his attitude to life, allowing the souls of the Russian people to directly communicate with the spiritual world of the divine plan, as no other nation in the world is full of grace, the Holy Creator. Childlike, the cornerstone trait of Russian people, leads to the breadth and openness of the people's soul, sincerity, kindness, generosity and compassion. Naturally, there is at present in the world, in fact, anti-human standards ostensibly democratic social system treat childhood traits Russian as pronounced weakness condemns these people dependent on the existence of a more "mature" people. On the basis of these standards is a wide spread in the world view of Russian, as undeveloped nations are unable to manage their national state. Russian, they say, it's naughty children where follow-up and management of the country of residence of which must pass a thorough nations. These "kids" for a long time to bring up, punishing or rewarding whip gingerbread.

Such an assessment of the Russian people was possible only due to the fact that in the field of inter-ethnic in the world dominated by the relationship of cruelty, treachery, violence, betrayal, brutality and corruption. If we look at the world today truly human eye, it would appear that the planet all turned upside down. And if you restore humanity on a global scale, we find that, it would seem, children's quality of Russian national character actually — a sign of his Herculean strength. And, it is gratifying that this force experienced by the Russian people in our piece of history becomes more and more defined proistechenie different events in the world.

Obsmeyat, slandered humanity awakens more noticeable in people. And it entails extinction false values inhuman civilization, still dominant in the world. Abominable fluids antihuman this world, the basis of the value system of biblical civilization, to ensnare people like a spider's web, carried away under the pressure of fresh air primordial life.
As a transformation in the dust of the anti-human foundations of the world community of nations and peoples on the planet naturally increases the value of the Russian people, as soon as he has all the necessary qualities of a leader of a new era of life of earthly humanity. As mentioned earlier, these qualities are generally very similar to the childlike. God-bearing Russian, not sold adversary and destroyed his forces for millennia, means showing children worldwide responsibility for the fate of the Russian land of all mankind.

This means that the Russian people carried through all fell to his share of trials and hardships to preserve the original covenant of the human form of life on Earth. This covenant is now manifested in the Russian way of life, the main feature of which — the humanity of all feelings, thoughts and actions of people.


Why is it necessary to defend national in Russia? Why can not fully surrender to globalism, even proclaims the principle of a common humanity and the interpenetration of national cultures with a view to create a generalized culture of human civilization of Earth, as well as the joint economic space of the planet, which activates all hitherto been dormant potential to accelerate the development of all countries and peoples?
Yes, sooner or later, the world of humanity is united. But this union will happen on a different basis than the preaching of the modern ideology of globalism. The essence of the dominant in the world today is a model of globalization in the violent eviction of humans into mindless herd, over which shall exercise its absolute power in a planetary dimension priestly clan of dark forces from antiquity embody his plan to transform the Earth into the universal core of darkness. And there are few to whom a secret, that to date, the plan in its main provisions have been implemented. Legionnaires darkness everywhere even started celebrating their victory.

And in this context, if Russia refuses all that complex concepts, which determine the key phrase — national treasure, and accept the terms of dark on its full integration into a single, worldwide structure formed by dark priests over the last five millennia, mankind of the Earth will lose its last chance unite on the basis of light of love, kindness and divinity.
Thesis "National Russia — a launching pad for the unification of mankind the divine" is relevant today than ever before. The more so because of the state within the territory of historical Russia, was already part of the global absolutism dark used against Russia universal methods of disintegration, destruction, elimination all forms of ancient civilization.

In the name of bright ideals of humanity Russia today must remain a national perspective, because it means the consolidation of the spiritual forces of light in its territory we are experiencing a transitional period.
It should be well understood that serious spiritual imbalance among people today due to the crisis seemed to have won in all the centers of civilization on Earth's dark concept for such a global state, totalitarian power which should be based on the strength of punitive structures, the ruthless suppression of any dissent, semianimal the state of consciousness of the world population. However, Shadow Priest, for all their success in mastering the secret knowledge, no longer afford to continue to hold the rolled up light energy. The more so for millennia saturation of these energies of all aspects of people on Earth has increased many times and has reached a level at which the enlightenment of people's consciousness becomes widespread. As a result, cracking and falling apart for so long and carefully erected throne of the absolute power of the dark forces in the world.

And the dark well aware that the center of all these processes that threaten to sweep them off the face of the Earth, the spiritual hub ratification forces of Light — is Russia.
That is why Russia is directed by them basic magic attack. Brown is hoping that by destroying Russia into civilizational level, erasing in the annals of any traces of existence in the world of Vedic culture of Russia, not strengthened national interests living in its territory nations can stop the destruction of the throne of the prince of darkness, to restore its grandiosity, and finally , reach the pinnacle of their five thousand years of efforts to transform the Earth into the universal citadel of Darkness.
If this happens, then our planet will become a refuge for all sections of darkness with the entire universe. And then it will not be possible to avoid worldwide catastrophe, as the forces of light in accordance with the traditional laws of the universe established by the Creator, with the energies of the divine plan will have to do cleaning of the Earth from the power of the dark forces. Shadow Priest with his legions and obedient to the will of the population of the world will be cast out of the world of the Earth in terms of the universe, where individuals focus involutional plan.

Russian media Vedic Civilization, fully aware of the activities in the territory of Russia, dark, progressively increasing the spiritual power of people within national Russia. And against the spiritual power of people are aware of their divine nature, dark powerless.

Sergey Borodin

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