Wolf's burrow for Autukhovich

Autukhovich prepared for transfer to the 13th squad Ivatsevichy colony number 22. According to human rights activist and lawyer Oleg Volchek, this should happen in the next few days.

How falls BelaPAN Volkovyssk businessman, was sentenced to five years in prison, was transferred to Ivatsevichy colony (Brest region) from the prison number 1 in Minsk on July 23. All this time He is in quarantine.

According Volchak, immediately after the transfer to the detachment Autuhovich doctor must examine the colony. "When will consider dentures Autukhovich outside the colony," — said the human rights activist.

As previously reported, Avtukhovich a long time to no avail sought medical attention in dental prosthetics. From 16 to 22 June, he was on hunger strike, demanding care. As a result, the prisoner was allowed to specialists, dentists who examined him and recognized the need for prosthetics. Avtukhovich and his defense insisted that the prosthesis was held in Minsk, referring to the fact that the capital of a higher level of medical care.

May 6 The Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced Autuhovich to five years and two months imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty in the transport and storage of five cartridges for a hunting rifle.

Human rights activists consider Autukhovich and other prisoners on so-calledat criminal case Vaukavysk political prisoners, recalling the serious procedural violations during the trial.

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