Working during pregnancy

Working during pregnancy

Child's health depends largely on how the leaked pregnancy his mom. Been subjected to stress? She worked there in hazardous work? She was walking to the night shift?

Naturally, the stress and night shifts benefit the unborn child will not do. However, if work gives a woman pleasure, non-severe and favorite, then leave it is not much use.

During pregnancy, a woman is not contraindicated in Normal day. However, early, inconvenience in transportation (even with his own car), exhaust fumes, the rush, stress at work — all of which can have harmful effects on the expectant mother and the baby.

Many women, for fear of displeasing the authorities and fear of dismissal, hide malaise, fear a bite out of a lunch break, get out into the fresh air. But give your body some slack must be within the first 3 months of pregnancy. Working day a pregnant woman should not exceed six hours.

If pregnant the woman decided not to leave work during pregnancy, it will need to follow a few simple rules:

  • If possible, do not overwork and nervous.
  • In the case of sedentary work on a regular basis to take small breaks — to stretch, walk.
  • It is important to eat right — take the food out of the house or in the dining room.
  • It is advisable to arrange small snacks — dried fruits, cereals, apples, crackers.

What is not recommended?

Expectant mothers are not recommended for work with chemicalswork "Feet" (hairdressers, waitresses), long stay at the computer. Although all modern computers are equipped with high degrees of protection, if possible, better seats behind the LCD monitor or laptop use. And you have to make sure that the computer is nearby, turned to the back of the pregnant, was no closer 2-x meters.

What is prohibited?

During pregnancy banned heavy and underground work, as well as to carry or move heavy objects. It is prohibited to pregnant women to work at night. The exceptions are those industries where these measures are due to the extreme necessity and are temporary.

You can not force a woman in a position to work overtime and on weekends, to send a mission.

What holiday rely pregnant?

However, even if a woman observes the correct mode, and throughout her work are going to meet in the prenatal leave she has to go two months before the birth. Better yet, before the maternity leave to take an ordinary vacation. After all, women have to perform the most important job in life: to have a healthy baby.

In our country,woman has the right tovacation maternity leave of 70 calendar days before and 70 after birth, in the case of obstructed labor — 86 days, and the birth of two or more children — 110 days. Maternity leave is accrued in total and available woman in full, regardless of the number of days actually used before the birth.

After the birth woman may issue a leave to care for a child under3-x years.

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