Wrong perception of democratic freedoms provoking further violence around the world

False understanding of democratic freedoms provoke further violence around the worldSpecific pretext and like a detonator-scale protests against the Yankees and their institutions abroad served as mounted in the U.S. and in the web of amateur vserasprostranenny movie "Innocence of Muslims" which affect the religious sentiments of the members of this denomination and in the light of the offensive points of the Prophet Muhammad. One can agree with the views of the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia, member of the Public Chamber Gizatullina Damir, who in his own interview, pointed out that "when freedom of speech leads to violence, the killing of innocent people, it is not freedom of speech and democracy, and an attempt to stir up ethnic or inter-religious conflict, provocation, and it must be limited. "

Crowds of angry Islamists in some Arab and Muslim countries stormed the U.S. embassy and burn their flags, cars, crushing the building. Mass protests took place in Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Australia, Iran. In the streets of the Iraqi capital Baghdad was a manifestation of multi-million adherents constructive Shia imam Moqtada al-Sadr. He issued a statement in which claimed from the Iraqi authorities to ban the Yankees access to the country and urged the parliament to vote for the bill, which forbade Iraq would have to deal with the countries in which the Prophet Muhammad and Islam are offended.

More tragic developed in Libya, killing salting U.S. and three other employees of the embassy. Our home, like other countries, has condemned this act of vandalism and expressed his condolences for the death of diplomats. Washington does not rule out that all the attacks and demonstrations with the dangers of the address in the United States and the Western world in the last 3 days are part of a single, previously-planned and well-coordinated campaign organized by Islamist terrorist groups, "Ansar al-Sharia" and "Al Qaeda. " Islamists could coincide with its presentation to the anniversary of the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States and immediately avenge the elimination of the 1st of the favorites, "Al-Qaeda" in Yemen, Saeed al-Shihri. As experts in this country has the most massive branch of the terrorist group.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented on the appearance of the film about the Prophet Muhammad, "Innocence of Muslims." Clinton said the South American government "has a completely irrelevant" to the production of this movie, which Secretary of State was called "disgusting" and "reprehensible." "One gets the impression that the creators pursued very mercantile purpose — to discredit religion and majestic kindle strife" — Clinton added.

And the need to pay tribute to the Israeli government that is quite rigid form dissociated itself from any connection with this provocation of Israel and condemned the creators of the film, which, like terrorists, can not organize and characterized by ethnic or religious lines.

OF CONVICTION — to preventive measures

Certainly, the condemnation of similar provocations by the official authorities of the USA, Israel and some other countries is very fundamental. But Mrs. Clinton has maintained silence on the actions or inaction of the U.S. authorities in connection with the publication of this "explosive" film.

Taking into account that the film was made miserable not yesterday, but more than a year back, and participated in its production of about hundreds of people, from U.S. authorities was quite time to study its contents, to assess the likely negative consequences of his or replication and placement on the Web take appropriate action. South American taxpayers pay billions of dollars for the maintenance of the FBI, CIA and other intelligence and analytical services. But like the September 11, 2001, these services demonstrate the inability to prevent provocations "free citizens" of America or foreigners living in the U.S. (does not matter who they are by nationality or profession: the Arabs, immigrants from African, Near East, Jewish Jews or Christians Copts). Localized one-two structurally extremists, instigators or on the psychic level, sick persons, one would avoid the wave of recent anti-American and anti-Western campaign around the world, of human casualties and destruction. Washington would not have to send to the coast of Libya and U.S. warships with marines on board.

Can not guard the world community and so called "ostrich" the UN position on the issue. As said, the media, the UN Security Council condemned the only series of attacks on diplomatic missions and consular premises United States and other Western nations, has swept across the world. But the emergence of the controversial film, which provoked the attacks, the UN Security Council did not react. The other day, on September 13, this grand international body made a similar statement in which a condemned the attack — on the South American representative in the Libyan town of Benghazi. As in this time, in a communiqué UNSC not a word is said about the movie hurt the feelings of Muslims. According disk imaging of acquaintance sources at the headquarters of the UN in favor of the inclusion in the text of the statement mention of religion in favor of non-offending most of the members of the Security Council, including the U.S. delegation. But, it could not be done because of strong opposition from France.

Meanwhile, the judge did not prevent anything unfortunate movie UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, which September 13 said that the film "seems to have been removed with the expectation of inciting intolerance and bloodshed." In general, he stressed that "nothing justifies" the killings and attacks.

Of course, it's time to not only eliminate the effects of acts of terrorism and all forms of violence, and to intensify the fight against the causes of these events. Countries and international organizations should initiate actions based on the same preventive disposition to prevent the incitement of ethnic and religious hatred.


It has long been time limit on the level of legislative and executive authorities of countries and international organizations, the possibility of the free flow of offensive to other nations or religions disk imaging, as is customary for international terrorism, extremism, porn or pedophilia. After all, the last provocation is not something exceptional in the modern history of the United States and Western countries. We all have witnessed the spread of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in one of the European countries, south american Pastor Jones openly in public places burned the holy book of Muslims the Koran, for the same occupation, and American servicemen caught in Afghanistan. And if in Russia aggressively thwarted attempt of a group of young hooligans give defile the Christian church, in the United States and the West to such outrageous cases of hooliganism and incitement to religious hatred are quite condescending. All of the above provocateurs otvertelis purely symbolic punishment, and more than that, some how the same fascist Pastor Jones gained fame and led the design of extremist organizations and movements.

Life indicates that the unjustifiable game of democracy, permissiveness, impunity leads to new tragedies and sad consequences f
or the population. The terrorist attacks in the United States September 11, 2001, shooting of Breivik young men and women of their own country, there were other disasters do not just happen. South American instructors teach future terrorists control of the aircraft, without reflecting on what and where to fly their graduates, Breivik was free to buy a lot of guns and ammunition, and no one bothered to ask: who is he going to fight a war? In the criteria of scientific and technical progress the role of the human factor is growing immensely, and one person or a small group of people can cause irreparable damage to our civilization.

One should also not forget that when the freedom of 1 person or group of persons in conflict with the freedom and conscience of society, then the task is to protect the country, in this case — the Muslim shrines of discrediting their lies and provocations. It would be nice, so the U.S. government and its Western allies have made the right conclusions from what happened and would not give unnecessary reasons extremists and terrorists of all stripes to incite the masses to new mess and riots, which, as we know from our history, in most cases, there are "senseless and merciless."

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