Yahweh and the fear of God

On Araama example, as a model of ideal servant, we can see that Jehovah cultivated adoption of its teams, the main factor of morality ordinary Jew.

Lord God, by definition, is All-Good, the All-Seeing, and the Almighty, that is, in the eyes of the Jew — is the absolute truth and goodness, and by good means unconditional commands and teachings of Jehovah, and the bad — it is not the execution of these commands. With that Jehovah was very important that these teams met without any thought, "because God knows everything in advance!" Explained Levites other Jews, knowing that slaves do not need to think, and even harmful, because the victim may think, "Is it worth it to perform order? '. Therefore, today's Masonic elite, trying for many years in a row, wean yourself to think, as a lot of people, as a thinking person — this is a dangerous man, not only for Christians but also for other religions in the world.

Enslavement, was achieved without the fear of numerical punishments that will fall down upon the Jews and his entire family, and even race in the event of disobedience. The fear of God was mandatory to attend, every righteous Jew, and as a carrot served as the promised land and wealth of others, which is "all-powerful and all-good" graciously promised a reward

5.Togda see you, and shine
and confused with joy, and
abound in the heart of gratitude,
— For all the abundance will be yours
Western countries, the wealth of nations
go to you.
16. And you will drink milk, take all
BEST among the nations of the breast of kings
drink milk, and you will know that I am a God
Savior and Redeemer of thy Lord Jacob.
* Pentateuch and gaftarot.Kniga "Deuteronomy."
Isaiah LX ,2-5 ,9-16, 1286-1288s.

Remarkably, the image of Yahweh, Jehovah, is the eye in the pyramid, which is now present on the dollar bill, representing the New World Order.

Even in thought, the victim was called by guilt, knowing that the "all-seeing Jehovah they were not satisfied", which means fear of the inevitable punishment, but as you know the guilt and fear — undermines the force of the will of man, makes him limp and unprepared to resist as well as all the teachings of Jehovah it was impossible to perform physically, the feeling of fear and guilt before a bandit, was constantly hanging over all of his victims.

And then there is a very thin, psychological focus, built on the work of the instincts, the fact is that one can not always have a sense of fear (the body simply can not stand the strain and damage) and to compensate for the damage occurs in the mind of the amazing thing. Fear, knowing how it is done, it is easy to change a surrogate for love .. Yes, that's right, that's the reason some fanatical, painful love for terrible tyrants .. yes that far to go, do you ever do not come across at work so when the boss is not right, and subordinates rather than to say that he is wrong, begin to fawn, sprinkle ashes and strongly disagree with blatant stupidity, and then in private conversation said they say "Uh, yes, the breach is not very big, but our boss is strict but fair … Well, degraded human dignity of the slave, but he was right .." familiar? So the stronger the surrogate love, the better the feeling of fear, because our instincts to protect the mind from destruction … just say, that are not ours, this is only for those who can not control their instincts and emotions, it is people on the line of Freud's own — animals ..

Almost all the psychology constructed about them, although it was being brought under all but the curves on normal people do not apply the laws of psychology, such people above their instincts and emotions, they are the power of his mind and the mind is able to remain human in any situation, and we are read the Bible, and I personally have never met the people there.

Remember, Jehovah said to his faithful little animal, Abraham, when he nearly killed his own son, now that he sees that Abraham is really afraid of God …
Now you understand why "all-good" so hard to beat and made fear itself, the representatives of "God's chosen" people. Yes, he and a group of fellow direct its activities, were well aware that the animal, all-consuming and mind-numbing fear of God, and to whom you will, inevitably turn into even more frenzied surrogate fanatical love. Love, for which they will be used at all .. all familiar? God loves you hallelujah!

What does the Lord punish, humiliate and destroy their alleged mate you can, but for some reason it is not the half.
Now I see you are beginning to understand dear readers, is where I'm going, Jehovah chose the tribe of nomads slaughtered, made with them has been manipulated and told them that they are now God's chosen people. That the Jews were the first in the world to worship Jehovah, and he became their God, the rest were declared Gentiles lawless creatures blagodeystvuyuschimi the face of all-good Lord, and all the accumulated hatred merged to short this hateful word Goy.

In the sacred Jewish books written that Goi is not worthy to be called not only a man, but even to animals that Goy-less animal, that there is no seed of God, and therefore all of God's laws, which apply to the Jews, to the Gentiles, not relevant .. So when you read the 10 commandments, you will always be sure to keep in mind that they are only in relation to their own and are not written to the Slavs or the Arabs or the Indians and the Chinese, but only for the Jews … In fact, this is very scary, very scary, because Jehovah and the company created a monster, they have crippled the whole nation, all the repressed fears, all unrealized aggression directed always to the Goyim who are known personally to blame for all the troubles of the Jews.

Judaism is full of prohibitions life orthodox Jew painted minute by minute, every action for many centuries given authoritative advice rabbi, and only for the Goyim can do anything, absolutely anything you can lay a wife for money? underlay! want to rob? — Steal! it's Goi and nothing will happen, 'God' permits.

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