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Recently, I have become increasingly concerned about the inadequate response is still "dormant" Most people that have already destroyed and completely destroyed, not in a few decades, as some think, because they firmly believe in a specially stamped and distributed to calm the people all Media disinformation about the "plans" of the governments to "improve life" 2025, 2030, 2050 … years. Destroy us just a few years, if we continue to take the chatter of governments and the media at face value and refuse to believe that, as evidenced by the clear intent of Bill Gates to destroy us, knowing that most all-would not believe, because the firm zazombirovano.

"American Stonehenge"

"American Stonehenge"

Who is still, unfortunately, only a minority of the world's population understands that this whole thing with chips and laser bar — code is not to fight crime and to improve the quality of life, and to destroy and bring the number of people on the planet to 500,000 and most likely, or less. Such plans have occult world government, which has set a goal and an unimaginably sinister plans reflected in a large granite monument in the U.S. state of Georgia Elbert County, called "American Stonehenge." On the monument with 8 modern languages inscribed the 10 Commandments of the New World Order, and on top of the monument inscription stamped reduced by 4 ancient languages. I can not believe that 12 of the 13 people now living on Earth, must be destroyed. This means that after a while the world's population is expected to drop to half the population of India today. If now in the world there are 7 billion people, it follows that the destruction must undergo about 93% of humanity.

Remember the movie "2012." How many people survived the disaster? Very little! And who are they? Richer! What is this if not an intellectual programming?

In June 1979, an unknown person, hiding under the pseudonym R. S. Christian (RC Christian), ordered the construction of the monument «Elberton Granite Finishing Company».
March 22, 1980 the tables were built.

The scheme of the monument (all converted to metric units familiar to us)

The scheme of the monument (all converted to metric units familiar to us)

 Read these "10 Commandments ZPOHI EDUCATION" in the order in which they are set in stone:


1. Let the world's population, is never more than 500,000,000, staying in constant balance with nature.   

2. It is reasonable to adjust the birth rate, increasing the value of the life of training and human diversity. 

3. Look for a new living language that can unite mankind.

4. Tolerant in matters of feelings, beliefs, traditions, and the like.

5. Let the just laws and fair trial would defend people and nations.

6. Let each nation decides for itself its own internal affairs, bringing to the world court of the whole people of the problem.

7. Avoid petty lawsuits and useless officials.

8. Maintain a balance between private rights and public responsibilities.

9. Above all value truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite. 

10. Do not be a cancer to the earth, nature, too, leave the place!


The control circuit states and nations on Earth

The control circuit states and nations on Earth

The control circuit states and nations on Earth

The control circuit states and nations on Earth

But in the goal CONFIRMATION OF MASS DESTRUCTION people on the planet 12 Shocking quote quote WORLD "elites" About the Birth Control:


 1)Summary of PolicyUN agencies on population, March 2009 …

"What can be done to accelerate the decline of fertility in the least developed countries?"

2) Bill Gates— The founder of "Microsoft" …

Bill Gates - founder of the "Microsoft"

Bill Gates — founder of the "Microsoft"

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. The population is rapidly approaching

9 billion. If we did a good job on new vaccines, health care, assistance in the area of reproductive health, we may be able to lower its percentage of 10 — 15. "

3) John P Holdren (John P. Holdren)— Science advisor of U.S. President Barack Obama …

"It would be easier to implement a program of sterilization of women after the birth of their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, than trying to sterilize men.

Development of sterilization time capsule, which can be sewed into the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. Capsule sewn to the period of puberty and have seized official permission for a limited number of births. "

4) Paul Ehrlich (Paul Ehrlich)— Science advisor of former U.S. President George W. Bush …

"Every person who is born, making the imbalance in the environment and life-support systems of the planet."

5) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)— U.S. Supreme Court Justice …

"Frankly, I thought that, when the decision on the case of Rau (Roe), was concern about the increase in population, and in particular, the growth in the part in which we want the least."

6) Report Population FundUN"Facing a changing world: women, population and climate» («Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate») ….

"No man is truly" neutral to carbon, "especially when all greenhouse gases are given in the balance."

7) David Rockefeller …

David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller

"The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident."

8) Jacques Cousteau(Jacques Cousteau) …

"In order to stabilize world population, we must destroy every 350,000 people."

9) Ted Turner— The founder of the news agency, "CNN, NBC …"

"The entire population of 250 — 300 million people, 95% reduction from current levels — it would be perfect."

10) Dave Foreman (Dave Foreman)— co-founder of "Earth First!" …

"My three main goals would be: to reduce the human population to 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with its full set of species, returning throughout the world."

11) Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh …

"If I were reincarnated, I would like to come back to earth a killer virus to reduce the human population."

12) David Brower (David Brower)— the first executive director of the environmental NGO "Club" Sierra »» (Sierra Club) …

"Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents have a license of the government … All potential parents [would oblige] to use contraceptive chemicals, the government provides antidotes to citizens chosen for the birth of the child."

13)Margaret Sanger (Margaret Sanger)— The founder of the American Federation of Family Planning …

"The highest manifestation of mercy, which the family can have one of their children — is to kill him."

14) Peter Singer (Peter Singer)— A philosopher at Princeton University …

"So why do not we be the last generation on the planet? If we all agreed on its sterilization, then it would not take any sacrifice — we could celebrate our way into extinction! "

15) Thomas Ferguson— Former U.S. State Department official for the population …

"There is only one topic of our work — we must reduce population. Either governments do it our way, through good, clean methods, or they will have trouble in the likeness of the ones that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population — a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it … "

16) Mikhail Gorbachev …


Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev

"We need to talk more openly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about the importance of birth control, because the ecological crisis — is, in short, a demographic crisis. Cut the population by 90% — and simply will not be enough people to cause an ecological catastrophe. "

17) Eric Ap. Pianka (Eric R. Pianka)— Teacher of biology at the University of Texas at Austin … 

"This planet would contain half the people who would live in relative comfort without harming nature. Population should be greatly reduced as soon as possible to reduce damage to the environment. "


18) Hillary Clinton— The head of the U.S. State Department …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

"This year, the United States renewed funding of reproductive healthcare through the United Nations Population Fund, and is expected to further investment. Recently, the U.S. Congress has allocated more than 648 million dollars of foreign aid programs for family planning and reproductive health worldwide. Should add that this is the largest allocation of funds for more than a decade — since we had a Democrat as president. "


19) Nina Fedorova— Advisor to Hillary Clint

"We need to continue to reduce the growth rate of the world population, the planet would not be able to contain more people."


Below is a collection video, confirms all the same as the U.S. is preparing for mass murder!

Author: White bull

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