Your consciousness is under control?


About the manipulation of human consciousness today heard even a first grader. What can we say about psychologists, one half of which is occupied by compiling textbooks for professional manipulators, and the second gives practical advice on how to protect yourself from them. Logic and trezvomyslie in this case — the best VACCINATION against manipulation.

With manipulators — people trying to make us certain emotions, feelings t.e.kak say (hit home) and, building on this, use us for their own purposes — you have to meet almost daily.

The impact is on your mind in a veiled form, whether heartfelt appeals bearing the word of God to the masses of religious missionaries or sweet exhortations employee scope of network marketing to acquire "the best in the world" washing powder or a representative of a political party or a latter-day'' one. "

Of course, who else would agree to his mind openly raped! The task in this very specific effects: direct opinions, motivations and goals of human arm to the right direction. To later find over the victim his "exercise" absolute control.

Beware transplant thoughts!

The greater the value we attach settled in the idea of someone else's brain, the more confident and faster it survives and develops. Unbeknownst to ourselves we begin to think about things, but yesterday we were totally unconcerned. You did not catch yourself thinking that you can not sleep peacefully because of the miracle pans infomercial? What's in the pharmacy looking eyes advertised on TV another panacea, ignoring long-established and proven tools? And the fate of her neighbor to the 8th floor, in an unhappy marriage to an alcoholic, touched you so much that you're in a hurry to give the unfortunate shyly vyklyanchennuyu you borrow a certain amount?

The diagnosis is clear: technical control of manipulators managed to lay your head intrusive grain, rather, imposed and ideas. The more you her "think", "plump up" their energy, the more this is initially alien, perhaps even hostile to the idea of you alters the features of its new "master." The latter, in turn, is doing what he should expect.

A few years ago my girlfriend — girl with model looks and a university degree — has managed to marry. It has managed to: a spouse, and did not bother to finish college, the arguments poor girl to tears and humiliation chicanery. And clumsy de, and mismanagement, and with mental disabilities, alas, did not happen …

Despite the sickly complexion and general inferiority complex, a representative of the "strong" half of humanity joker-nature has given talent manipulator: year and a half of clear head-hunted beauty remained pale shade with the prospect of divorce, and many months of communication with the psychoanalyst …

Everyday example of this is confirmed by the basic postulate of manipulative psycho: forced upon the idea of becoming a dominant and gradually changes a person. "Author" establishes a strong control over the person, in whose mind he is "implanted" idea. Thus, he attaches it to the vehicle itself, as a new source of energy. So there are zombies.

Slogan image — a brother and comrade

According to reputable psychologists — in particular, Svetlana Solon — in recent years, manipulative technologies built on the features of the human mind, pay close attention. High-performance design from the scope of psycholinguistics, neuro-linguistic programming, Ericsson hypnosis interfere in our subconscious. A standard set of techniques used by professional manipulators, based on the psychology of perception.

Take at least one of the most effective ways of "brainwashing" — the so-called "associating." "Mount your" advertising or promotional message, manipulators finely calculated exactly what it should call the association at the unsuspecting consumer information. At first glance, taken separately newspaper article or television program is neutral, but incorporated in them subtle details can direct the imagination of the audience in the right direction — causing certain associations.

As a result, the image of a product, service or candidate is formed at the level of the unconscious. Aerobatics in the use of "associating" — skilled supply of such messages in a specific order: due to the inertia of human thinking impression gained from the previous information block that overlaps the next for him. "Reef overgrown with" additional details image (positive or negative — does not a) fixed in the minds of the target audience.

Experts have long noticed: human nature to trust friends on the floor, TV screens larger than their own eyes and ears. Why look out the window and go out — we already all show and tell. Some even know the weather exclusively from the Internet: whether on the street though torrential rain, an advanced "user" with an umbrella would not take no for that, if the virtual barometer shows "clear." It is thanks to sustained illusion of "objectivity" and "authenticity" represented image on the screen, the TV has an almost unlimited potential for manipulating mass consciousness.

Feeling like a full-fledged partner events, the average viewer is unlikely to realize the nuances of using such techniques as editing, camera angle, plan. Skillful TV people can using carefully selected components to form the image of any given event.

What to say about the notorious advertising slogans! Who among us did not repeat in your mind, like a mantra, ingrained in the memory of obsessive-patter ridiculous? Among krieyterom and copywriters are sometimes true talents: they are bright, often rhymed sayings improve the perception and increase the memorability of the message of the ad.

Never mind that the technical characteristics and taste of the advertised item to us hardly anything is known: when used in the marketing of its successful slogan imprinted in the brain not only and not so much a feature of a particular product as its idealized and attractive (though run and buy) the image.

The rites of the devil

In times of social instability, a large part of rattled mentally unstable citizens falls under the influence of the so-called pseudo-religions. Offering the promise of salvation and the attainment of enlightenment, the currently popular sect skillfully manipulate the consciousness of the potential of the flock. Some of them are considered to be very dangerous: experiencing strong psychological dependence on sects and their followers are isolated from the outside world — until the care of the families.

Once embarked in such an organization, get out of it is very difficult: The local guru own fine tuned mechanism surveillance of their fellows and the return of "lost sheep" in a drugged "herd". The impact of the sect per person can be very large: often it completely changes the perception of the world.

Obedient zombies ready to follow any order "from above": for the sake of the community it without hesitation to part with their convictions, with the property, and sometimes — and with life …

Not so much time has passed since the memorable members of the White Brotherhood, preparing for the end of the world were going to make the so-called purification ceremony — and simply — a mass suicide. Fortunately, in the actions of their leaders in time the police intervened. Subsequent studies showed that young people were subjected to an unknown psychological effects.

Of course, no specific treatment for any sane man would sacrifice his life for the sake of a dubious idea.

By the way, the roots of blind obedience to grow followers of ancient times, when religious sacrifice had a special mystic significance: human flesh is often humored lords of the underworld and the heavens to those sent to the crops or evil demons — that does not send pestilence and drought, and in the foundations of houses were erected walled people alive — for strength …

Manipulative psycho used in different areas of our lives — from network marketing to political PR. With all the variability and specificity of methods of influencing the masses scheme remains unchanged skillfully juggling ideas, manipulators quietly dropping them into our consciousness — as long as "reluctant recipient" does not accept externally imposed idea as their own.

In each target group came first …

Among manipulators There is a pro-opinion: nevnushaemyh people do not exist. Manipulation of consciousness affects all without exception — you just pick the right "key".

The easiest way, oddly enough, to manipulate people who do not believe anyone or anything. Their reactions are calculated elementary therefore manage without problems: we need only to hint "smart and pragmatic" nihilists that a certain pattern of behavior will bring them some dividends.

The task of the robot arm is much more complicated when he meets along the way an individual with firm convictions (in psychology this is called persistent stereotypes of behavior). However, for the true master is not blocked. Is necessary, however, to sweat. Namely: a personal touch (and this troublesome and expensive), and even outright deception on the go. That is to say malicious use of the people resistant ("hard") stereotypes.

Among "intellectuals" there is a perception that people are easily manipulated poorly. And they, say, selected and refined, have a degree of immunity. Alas, mundane professional manipulators dispelled another myth intelligentsia, studies have shown that the vast majority of people just do not bother to frequent change stereotypes. newfangled stuff inert inhabitants simply go unheeded — intellectual elite is always ready to accept new ideas …

How to protect your mind from "arrival"

One can argue about whether it is permissible control the human mind, — for it is, man, good — if a manipulator appears, for example, a school teacher or a wise and enlightened ruler. Only one thing is sure: the hidden manipulation deprive an individual of liberty to a much greater extent than direct coercion. Fell under the influence of the manipulator becomes a man thing.

Clearly designed mechanism of protection from these technologies, alas, does not exist. It turns out that anyone can manipulate the mind near impunity?

Alas, it is. And yet there are a number of simple — but effective — techniques quite simple to use, thanks to which you can reflect attacks on our minds. It will help thoughtful analysis and life experience. Gregory Fudim, who heads a subcommittee to study issues of psychotronic influence on the person at NAS advises primarily try to translate the relationship with a potential manipulator the limits of logic.

Man trying to covertly influence someone's mind, often uses welcome "substitution thesis." Antidote may be a logical sequence, clear questions and clarifications by which destroyed a false stereotype imposed from the outside.

The manipulator is committed as soon as possible — with a touch — to capture your attention. Suspicious contact must be interrupted for a while: drink a glass of water, making a sip of 21 (to calm the nerves), massage center back of the head — the most prominent part of it (where is "crystal will" — in fact, the ultimate goal manipulation produced). Possible during conversation to cover the left side of the neck with his hand.

Excellent fire way to protect against manipulation at the level of thought forms: Imagine that you have on your chest as a luxury fur boas located … cat — a live, warm and furry. At first glance, the animal is fast asleep. But there is "the enemy" to make your way careless lunge — furry protector will not be slow to release its claws …

And, of course, does not allow himself to be drawn into the debate, not having studied the subject thoroughly. With his deep knowledge, you will be able to two-three "killer" argument to discourage compulsive companion: a manipulative psycho, usually work on an emotional level. Having found in you the true signs of homo sapiens, the manipulator hurry to retire back home.

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