Zelva: Larissa Heniyush board officials did not like?

Under threat in Zelva opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to Larissa Heniyush at the house where she lived. The house is privatized, the board until the curtained, its author — a famous sculptor Ales Shaternik. The opening was scheduled for August 7 to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet.

As theand Lubov, who lives in the house, came out of the district executive committee, Mr. Kulikov ideological service. She realized that the board decided to remove, since it did not have permission of the authorities. Mr. Kulikov told us:

"This board is installed outside the resolution of the district executive committee. There are certain procedures, legal procedures, which are set according to the plaques. This was not done. We give a legal assessment of this event," — he repeated twice, but declined to clarify — whether it will mean that the board will be removed.

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