Zelva: Larissa sign Heniyush engaged police

Sign the centennial birthday of Larissa Heniyush is Zelvenskiy police department. The chief of the prevention services Valery Parfenchyk. The inscription has been found in the house where she lived Larissa Heniyush, but later removed. Head of the Department of ideology Executive Committee Yuri Kulikov thought that she was hanged without the necessary permission from the local authorities.

The plaque L.Geniyush. Sculptor Ales Shaternik

Open a commemorative plaque plyanavalsya August 7 hundredths anniversary of the birth of the famous poet, who died in 1983 and is buried in the cemetery in Zelva. The landlady, who lives in the house where he once lived Larissa Heniyush, reported:

Being tested vysvyatlyayutstsa all the circumstances: as there is a sign there — legally or illegally, because it is necessary to identify the persons who placed it there

"Here, they can come to fifteen people, and had Kulikov and architect, and engineer Kommunkhoz. Man of six police officers were, they're here and photographed. We experienced — can we be that they were threatened — what possible? And then later I received a call from the police, either you let that hung or not I do not care — will hang, or will not, let him hang, I said to them: it does not bother me, I know it does not know, but it was her house, then let hanging, people lived here. Those were the talk. "

Workers carefully removed the sign, said Mrs.. One of those present said to them:

"Be careful not to break, as will respond." There you have it. What will they do, then I do not know. "

Chief of the prevention of public order Valery Parfenchyk:

"There was a report, the police officers have retired there. Now being tested vysvyatlyayutstsa all the circumstances: as there is a sign there — legally or illegally, because it is necessary to identify the persons who put it there."

The test will be held for ten days, and said Valery.

The famous writer Vladimir Orlov personally knew Larissa Heniyush. He was going to go to Zelva to attend the unveiling of the memorial plaque dedicated to the poetess.

Eagles"In my opinion, it's just a shame for the local authorities and the authorities of modern Belarus, in which Larissa Heniyush still not rehabilitated. And it suggests that the authorities feel the heirs of the power from which so much suffering made our great poet. Not accidentally built on our land, "Stalin Line." What happened in these days Vawkavysk and Zelva, suggests that the "Stalin Line" is valid and in the brains of local officials and their guardians to Minsk. "

As you know, another board devoted century Larissa Heniyush, Vawkavysk were removed and taken to the police station. She hung up on local history house where the poet was born.

Chairman of the Public Committee for the commemoration of the poet Larissa Heniyush Michas Scoble notes that appealed to one of the leaders of Zelvenski executive committee about the signs poet. He said that, with regard to a private house, a special government permission is not required, but advised to consult a lawyer.

By Michael Scrape, there is no item in the legislation that would prohibit the establishment of a memorial tablet at a private house, with the mistress of which there was agreement on the plaque. He stresses that there are already many examples in the backyard on the walls installed plaques. It turns out that it's not in the legislation, and in the face of Larissa Heniyush says Michael Scoble.


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