Zemletsyanie magnitude of 5.1 occurred in Japan

The situation in Japan following massive earthquake today, is completely under control — all strategically important infrastructure functioning normally.

According to incoming reports, lines of railroads, airports and power projects in central Japan and the north-west of the country, where the 5.1 magnitude earthquake was felt most of all, to be in order.

The epicenter was at a relatively low magnitude of 5.1 located in Ibaraki Prefecture. But because of the extremely shallow depth — only 10 km — strong tremors were felt in 14 prefectures, including Fukushima and the Capital Region. Reports of destruction or injuries were reported. According to the National Meteorology Office Japan tsunami threat this earthquake did not cause.

The operator of nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" TEPCO reported that the situation at the plant is under control, and no problems were reported. Leading Japanese railway operator Japan Railways said that violations by rail earthquake did not cause. From Narita International Airport in the Japanese capital also received information that the earthquake did not cause any problems.

In the metropolitan region of this earthquake was felt mainly in homes and offices on the upper floors of skyscrapers, soobschaetITAR-TASS.


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