11/11/11 at 11 hours 11 minutes 11 times need to say yes

November 10, 2011 18:10

11/11/11Earthlings are intrigued by six units, which will see on the calendar.
The dominance of units in the date happens every hundred years: humanity has experienced similar experience November 11, 1911? Th, November 11, 1811? Second, and so on. (Tough, of course, were nine years ago — 11/11/1111). Any special disasters these days were not marked. Well, maybe a hundred years ago in Kansas? Amazing city recorded temperature difference: in the morning was a plus twenty-four, and in the evening — minus 12. But, you see, in the event of an apocalyptic scale it did not pull.

And this time the end of the world few people waiting. (By the way, according to a survey conducted by the portal SuperJob, only three percent of Russians really believe in the magic of numbers, and another 17 percent "somewhat trust" in it — and most of it on the drum). Yet humanity is preparing for a beautiful date.

* In Italy, the newspaper La Stampa, esoteric enthusiasts created a sensation by offering willing to meet in Edinburgh on the hill of Arthur's Seat, and to witness the opening of a "cosmic portal", so that will awaken the kundalini energy, and humanity will go to the level of "supramental existence." Those who get to Edinburgh can not, offered in 11 hours 11 minutes 11 times to say to myself, "Yes." Happens after this miracle? At the same time and see.

* In the world (including in Russia) will rent the movie's "Saw" Darren Lynn Bousman "11/11/11"- Horror about the writer, we learn that 11/11/11 something indescribable happens.

* In the United States' Club velvet "(is there a) richly mark the date: the units resemble scars on the fabric. Messiahs members of this club is jokingly called twins Betsy and Katie Overman — today they will celebrate eleventh birthday (each is presented on the bag, which are 11 small bags with 11 small gifts).

* Another newspaper recall the words of Uri Geller on how he likes the combination of numbers 11.11 — every time he sees it on the clock begins to pray for the sick children and world peace. And in general — he thinks four units symbol of human desire to find balance in life. And the fact that most people, and it is to this endeavor, do not argue, and the most hardened skeptics.

 Nikolai Gerasimov

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