A ball of fire fell from the sky in Argentina

One woman was killed and six others injured in a fall of an unknown celestial body. According to an eyewitness who lives in the neighborhood, fell from the sky burning object that completely destroyed the building and several cars damaged also standing next to the structure, according to the time factor with reference to the channel C5N.

The incident occurred at about 2 am at the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes in Monte Grande, Province of Esteban Echeverría. Causes of the accident has not been fully established, is under investigation. Locals claim to have witnessed how "fell from the sky fireball glowing blue flame."

The commander of the local fire brigade Guillermo Perez said that they still do not know what it was, but admitted that the only existing version speaks of "object that fell from heaven."

"I heard from a lot of witnesses, but let's wait for the official conclusion. There should be an examination, to really make sure that actually happened, "- he said.

Perez confirmed that also injured two standing next to the building of stores. Found under the rubble of a dead body, and six more were saved, they are now admitted to the local hospital.

The victim was a woman who lives in the house, and fell to the ball, causing a large explosion, which, according to neighbors, heard not only in remote areas, but also in the neighboring towns of Ezeiza and Temperley, located to the south of Buenos Aires.

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