A mysterious UFO crash

In the state of Arizona (USA) in May, 1953, was found shot down by unknown UFO. Air vehicle had a disc-like shape and was made of matt silver metal.

To investigate all the circumstances caused a scientist — Fritz Werner, who had already seen a UFO in the sky, flying on a secret training ground. Werner and several scientists from various military laboratories were taken to a secret facility, did not even tell us where they were going. The entire group was brought to the place where the aircraft. By the way, if you want to buy a BMW car b / y — see ads on the portal you can avtomax.ua.

In diameter UFO was no more than 9.10 meters. Next to him was an armed guard. Werner, just looking at the aircraft, determined that he was someone just shot down. UFO cabin was very small and the seats are tiny pilots. The scientist was extremely surprised at this. Just then he saw him in the pilot — his height was about 120 cm, and the color of the skin tone reminiscent of wet sand, a helmet, located at the stranger on the head, you could see only her lips — they were very small and thin.

The work of the fact-finding disaster that occurred with the ship aliens, lasted five hours. After that, scientists announced the need to preserve the secret of what he saw.

For a long time, no one suspected the event. It was only after twenty years in the popular science magazine in the United States there was an article about this story. The article quoted the memories of participants in those events. And the staff even kept secret airbase photos zinc boxes, which were delivered to the base of a load. It was nothing like the bodies of three unknown creatures — aliens from the downed in 1953 the aircraft.

These facts indicate that the crash, which occurred with UFOs — not fiction. But to this day, the events of those years are shrouded in mystery and kept secret from the public. One can only hope that one day the veil of secrecy slightly open and humans learn the truth about UFOs and strange pilots.

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