A new electron-positron collider built in Novosibirsk

The world's second Hadron Collider being built in Novosibirsk. Leading specialists of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker set ourselves a difficult task — to design and create a Super Charm-tau factory or electron-positron collider. It is necessary for a comprehensive study of elementary particles during the collision.   World's First Large Hadron Collider located in Switzerland in the European Research Center, where the July 4th was a big scientific discovery — was discovered the Higgs boson. 50 years ago the existence of the said Peter Higgs particles, and only half a century later, it was possible to detect them. Higgs bosons — are tiny particles that formed billions of years ago, and it gives the opportunity to learn about what was happening in the universe of tens of billions of years ago. Opening bosons — is an important event on a par with the discovery of the proton and the electron.

Scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker plan to make fundamental experiments with Higgs bosons for mankind.

Scientists have determined the mass of the particles, and it was under their plan to build the world's second Hadron Collider, reported by the deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker Yuri Tikhonov. According to him, it will be a joint project of several states, because it is a big investment — about $ 10 billion. Scientists predict that the Higgs boson will be studied for a long time. At the moment, experts have found in his behavior deviations from the standard model of physics. Yuri A. emphasizes that a deep study of deviant behavior — this is the main objective of the project. To date, the chance that the Higgs boson behaves inappropriately — is.

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