A new kindergarten opened in Kyzyl (Tuva)

The new kindergarten "Golden Key" opened in Kyzyl on November 27. It was built with funds that were freed up by reducing the deputies in Tuva, according to the Republican government.

The building of the new kindergarten is designed for 280 beds, but can accommodate up to 350 children without violating sanitary and epidemiological requirements. From national and municipal budgets allocated for the construction of 164 million rubles. 

In Tuva, there are more than 46,000 children between the ages of one to seven years, of which only 42% attend kindergartens. Tuva authorities expect 2016 to build 20 kindergartens by 3.37 thousand seats to every other child in the country of one to seven years, went to pre-school educational institution.

In 2013 in Kyzyl begin construction of two more of the same kindergarten for 280 places in the districts of "Satellite" and "South". Another build a kindergarten in the village Saryg-Sep Kaa-Khem district. 



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