A new kindergarten opened in Miasse

December 1, solemnly opened the kindergarten number 98 in Miass (Chelyabinsk region) — and long-awaited joyous event for the whole city.

 Photo source:newsmiass.ru

The preschool will be able to take 220 kids, and while there will be operating six groups, of which two — special one for children with mental retardation, the other — for kids with allergies.
Only in the region for 10 months in 2011 further opened 2 thousand 400 people.

Windows, spacious music room, bright group rooms, bright and versatile children's furniture, tables for individual activities that can easily be transformed into a table-daisy — in the new kindergarten "Puss in Boots" everything is thought for the full development of children and comfortable stay.

 Photo source:newsmiass.ru

During December in preschool Miassky urban district will open three more full-day group (in the morning until the evening) — in kindergartens number 40, № 28, № 92. The same number of groups of short stay (from morning to afternoon) will be in the gardens number 38, № 72 and № 108.

 Photo source:newsmiass.ru

By sealing groups in all pre-schools of the city were taken further 138 children. By early next year in preschool Miassa will be open 15 groups for 360, and the total number of children who were in kindergarten, will be 378 people.

The problem with places in kindergartens, which is acute in the city, begun to be addressed at a higher rate: open a new kindergarten, additional groups. Miass reached record levels for commissioning additional places in kindergartens. If in the past it was possible to open 45 additional seats in the current — about 400. Increase — almost 10 times.

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