A new large-caliber grenade launcher AGS-40 Balkan

Russian arm with new automatic grenade launcher AGS-40 "Balkan" caliber 40 mm. ITAR-TASS quoted the CEO of "instrument" Oleg Chizhevskogo. Now "Balkan" passes the state tests. "During this year, the work must be completed, and we will start to produce" Balkan "with" Izhmash "," — said Chizhevsky.

According Chizhevskogo, who presented "Balkan" in the international arms exhibition IDEX-2013 United Arab Emirates, the new launcher is easier and more effective than their foreign counterparts. By weight of the "Balkan" is almost equal to the 30-millimeter grenade launcher AGS-17 "Flame", were armed with the Russian Defense Ministry.

To achieve excellence, "Balkan" on similar grenade launchers, the general director of "instrument", allowed a new principle — the so-called mortar round with departing sleeve. "This no one. This principle allows us to almost double the use of explosive mass and, consequently, to increase a fragmentation due to a tight layout projectile. Thus, a significant reduction in weight and increasing power of weapons, "- said Chizhevsky.

According Chizhevskogo mass of explosive shells in a "Balkan" brought to 90 grams instead of 40 grams. The firing range of the new grenade launcher was increased to 2.5 kilometers instead of 1.7 kilometers from the AGS-17.

First grenade "Balkan" showed four years ago at an exhibition IDEX-2009. As reported, the "Balkan" is developed on the basis of an experienced 40-millimeter grenade TKB-0134 "Goat", created in the 1980s. Rate grenade is 400 rounds per minute, weight — about 32 pounds. In addition, the "Balkan" core features a telescopic sight.

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