A new set of military equipment soldier presented at the MAKS-2011

 Photo source:lenta.ru

At the international air show MAKS-2011 Klimovskii Central Research Institute (CRI) of Precision Engineering in cooperation introduced a superior set of similar foreign soldiers fighting equipment, including a system of destruction, protection, management, life and energy supply.

In the development of military kit was attended by over 20 companies, including ZAO "Breastplate", JSC "Center Armokom", JSC "Cyclone" and concerns "Constellation" and the "Izhmash".

"Special attention was paid to the development of the control system, because it provides increased opportunities soldier on the battlefield … Now he (the soldier) is connected to a network-centric system and can be controlled from the upper echelons, as well as to transfer all the information there," — said the deputy chief engineer of the Central Research Institute Precision engineering Vyacheslav Artyukh.
According to him, with the new soldiers fighting equipment has the ability to monitor the battlefield, the video images and the coordinates of enemy targets, RIA "Novosti".

"This greatly increases the effectiveness of a fighter on the battlefield," — he said. He added that the device is placed on military personnel, which defines its coordinates using the GLONASS and GPS, which allows us to solve the problem of orientation, targeting, and other applications calculations.

According to him, the system includes the defeat of a modern, modified Kalashnikov assault rifle with grenade launcher sights and day and night vision, and the video module that allows you to fire from behind cover or around the corner.

"The new equipment items, including costume" Permian ", provide protection at the sixth grade, in other words — from a shot from a sniper rifle SVD from ten meters, which is higher than its Western counterparts," — said Artyukh.

MAKS-2011 air show runs from August 16 to 21 in Zhukovsky near Moscow and is the latest news of the world of military and civil aircraft industry.

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