A new set of wintering in Antarctica

On the Progress of the Russian polar station in Antarctica, completed construction of a new wintering complex. This is a residential unit with a sauna and gym, rooms for meteorologists and radio operators, a medical unit, equipped with no less modern regional hospital, and its own galley. Polar explorers say that a comfortable working environment for them has never been.

New complex for polar explorers — two buildings: metal frames, paneled sandwich panels. "Panels — made in Russia, — says Andrey Mirakin builder. — Inside — mineral wool, additional waterproofing of snow."

The first house — a working rooms: Weather Service, radio and hydrology. And also a big mess, recreation areas, a gym, sauna and living rooms. "The best conditions for our explorers did not exist in the Soviet Antarctic Expedition, nor in the subsequent Russian expedition — recognizes Skorodumov Alexander, chief engineer of the RAE. — As of today — this is a huge success, a great success!"
At the station there was also a new galley: the four shops, a bakery, modern equipment. It has everything to turn the richest chef's imagination. "That's mushroom soup, cabbage rolls, meat, baked with cheese and prunes, boiled chicken, fried liver — lists the culinary riches chef Alexander Kalinin. — There are fans — they'll make sausages. Five main dishes for us — the norm We would more done, but the distribution does not allow the "kingdom" is not enough! "
In the same building there is a new station and a hospital. "Here we have 40 people that amount of medication that will be enough to survive a nuclear war …" — Says the surgeon Alex Shestakov. By their equipment, this polar medical unit is not inferior to any of the central district hospital. Polar doctor can now hold a general analysis of urine and blood, do an ultrasound, x-ray, gastroscopy. If necessary, you can have the entire volume of a medical emergency. "For the first time in Antarctica, we performed two operations osteosynthesis associated with fractures," — says Dr. Shestakov.
The second building wintering complex has a technical purpose: here is the diesel power, all utilities, shops and a full garage. Progress in the construction of new polar applied technology. For example, there is a heat recovery boiler, which solves two pressing challenges. It burned waste oil and other petroleum waste. Receive, first, environmental recycling, second — additional thermal energy. The system operates during peak times. In Antarctica, it is usually the polar night — the lowest temperature of the season when you need maximum heat and light.
At present, construction team examines the progress and stores the materials. After a few days on the boat builders will go home. The new change will be the polar winter is the same: they are to be in service this complex for the first time. "This year we really lay down a big responsibility — the beginning of independent operation of the plant, — says Dmitry Serov, Chief of Progress. — The guys did their best for the season to explore all communications, all new equipment which is installed here. Experts crept literate, a good team" .
A few years ago it was just a seasonal field camp. Now here is built ice airfield, hence leaving the sledge-tracked train at Vostok station, there unfolds a powerful set of scientific observations. And from next year, the station Progress will acquire the status of a new Russian Antarctic capital.


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