A new terminal opened in Pskov region

November 25 in the Pskov Region opened a new customs and logistics terminal "Ubylinsky". The new terminal was built in less than 1.5 years.

 Photo source:informpskov.ru

It is planned that the TLT "Ubylinsky" in Pytalovskogo excluding assembly plants will employ about 150 people.
With the development of infrastructure around the terminal number of employees will increase to 500.

 Photo source:informpskov.ru

The investor also has committed to build a kindergarten and an apartment building not only for the employees of the future systems, but also for social workers Pytalovskogo.

Currently, negotiations are underway with cargo that require customs clearance of medical devices, and negotiations are under way with other market participants. Later even planned to create assembly plants of foreign components. In particular, the negotiations for the assembly of irons and bicycles.
The Director-General of the investing company ZAO "Taco-terminal" said the driver, when he comes to the TLB must be located in the vehicle, but for them in the terminal provided for dining, cash machines, showers. "But since we work fast, then the drivers for a long time does not need to be here," — he added.

Create TLT "Ubylinsky" shall be based on the federal concept adopted by the transfer of customs clearance to the borders of the country and is one of the areas of the Pskov region in the framework of Strategy 2020.

TLT "Ubylinsky" today is one of the largest and most modern customs terminals logichticheskih country. Workplaces are equipped with modern office equipment, furniture, appliances and means of communication.

 Photo source:informpskov.ru

Warehouse building comprises of the veterinary and phytosanitary control zone of temporary storage of goods. For the production of loading and unloading a modern storage technology. Control of goods and vehicles carried sanitary detection system. Operation TLT "Ubylinsky" implies absolute autonomy and does not affect the daily communications MAPP "Ubylinka." Directly adjoining TLT "Ubylinsky" to the international automobile checkpoint offers significant advantages, one of which — the possible abolition of the customs transit procedure, which involves an increase in the capacity of the checkpoint "Ubylinka" 2 times without investing public funds in its modernization.

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