A new variety of barley Tuleevsky shows record results


In Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo region grow crops of spring barley "Tuleevsky." Last year, three agricultural enterprises of the district cultivated this new variety, named after the governor, received excellent results. The average yield of barley was 22.2 quintals per hectare, with a total yield of barley in the usual 19.2 c / ha. As the press service of the region, the main advantages of the new variety — high productivity and drought tolerance, resistance to lodging. Farmers District procured 480 tonnes of barley seeds "Tuleevsky" good quality seed for spring field work. Crops of this crop will be increased by two thousand hectares. A new variety of spring barley was established in Kemerovo research institute of agriculture. We add that this is not the first crop, named after Haman Tuleeva. Potato variety "Tuleevsky" for several years is very popular not only in the Kuzbass region, but also beyond. The main difference of this sort — it is extremely dislikes, and even afraid of the Colorado potato beetle. And the tuber is long and with very small eyes.

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