About Denisov from an interview with the press attache Locomotive

[B] — Who are the players you are nice to talk to? Can select someone from the team? Have developed a friendly relationship with someone? [/ B] — Loved ones familiarity with any of the players I have not yet, but I can say that I liked the atmosphere in the team. Overall impression is that we have a team playing for real pleasant, appropriate people — very lively, unfettered, humane. A feeling that people are in place, that their humanity in harmony with the emotional background of the collective. A little more than we briefly chatted with Malkhaz Asatiani Dmitry Sennikova and Sergey Gurenko. Perhaps due to the fact that they are veterans of the team, contact with them had been got up quickly, and I personally are the most likeable. In addition, we have a team of young defender Nikita Denisov. He has not left the field for the main part, but it feels so confident in the team, I have no doubt — sooner or later it will become one of the pillars of our defense. He has obvious leadership qualities, does not become flustered his opponent on an equal basis with trained team. Nikita and Denis Glushakov and Taras Burlak, recovering from injury — these are the players who seem to have a foothold in the locomotive. That is — they are our future. [B] — Have there been any fun when you have a situation with the players in the team? [/ B] — It was a funny situation at the training camp, when in one weekend in Spain, we got to Valencia. The team were scattered throughout the city, and it so happened that in the group in which I was, and got Nikita Denisov. We went to the bank where they wanted to change the currency, but as it turned out, this required a passport. Passports have not appeared, we left them in the hotel, but, nevertheless, the administrator team and myself began to beg an employee of the bank, arguing that the world is the famous Russian footballer Nikita Denisov. Nikita stood in a confident stance, smiled broadly, and an employee of the bank, looking at it, changed our money without documents.

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