About Liberty: Fedor Nyunka


What is your freedom?

Freedom, if you can not be afraid vykazyvats its position and critical judgments about power, you can travel freely and live in other country, little to influence the election and operation of the existing power, have the right to the inviolability of its own legitimate property if you live in a country where there is an independent zakonadavchaya, judicial and executive powers.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Travel and Accommodation in Belarus.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness is when you are satisfied with life, you appreciate every day of life, when people close to you understand and appreciate, and respect for others, when you reach the goal.

What are you most afraid of?

Disappointment in their ideals and congenial friends.

What a talent you would like to have?

Unfortunately, I have no talent, but integrity and dobrasumlenne should keep for life.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

There are a lot of interesting writers, public figures and politicians, but I want to highlight the Homeland Gorki and Gennady Buraukin.

What do you most enjoy doing?

To solve the problems of the Belarusian Society of Culture, to monitor developments in Belarus and the world, to read books.

If could live life again, what would you change?

Life destiny was unto me, so I did not want to.

What's the best advice you have received?

Build on its strengths and opportunities. Take responsibility for their decisions.

What is your favorite motto?

Long live Belarus!

In any political system, you want to live?

In a civilized democratic capitalist system.

What country do you want to live?

Lithuania meets with frequent visits to Belarus.

In what era you want to live?

The modern era is very interesting.

If you were the ruler of Belarus, which would have made in primarily?

Would have given the opportunity to start Belarusization population that instead creates Soviet Belarusian people.

What relations of Belarus with the European Union should have?

Belarus should become a member of the European Union.

What relations of Belarus with Russia should have?

From Russia to establish normal civilized neighborly relations in a mutually beneficial economic basis.

Some think so, "Let dictatorship, just to own." And you?

The dictatorship is now unacceptable. Personal power disrupts the normal way of life and leads to a disregard of the laws of civilized men, reduces the welfare of the people.

When and how to change of power in Belarus?

Single recipe changes dictatorship there. (Hitler, Stalin, Miloshevich, etc.).

The economic factor, the neighboring countries, the environment chapter shows that such a change can occur quite quickly.

If Belarusians will speak Belarusian?

If you change the anti-Belarusian leadership — the language issue will be solved by itself.

What happens if you do not start speaking Belarusians Belarusian?

If Belarusians will speak Belarusian, Belarus will cease to exist as a state, and the people as a nation.



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