About Lukashenka. Of a series of For Dummies

Many people who are used around the deal itself, surprising phenomenon of hatred of the West in relation to Lukashenko.
Maybe hate is not entirely accurate — or rather it be "goat-herding flocks Western provocateurs are elementary information war against Lukashenko." War of annihilation.

Anything distinct because of "dislike" of the West to Alexander Grigorievich neprobleyano.

In the tales of the reason is the police crackdown proplachennoy crowds storming government house, hardly anyone believes. As in the fact that Lukashenko is a dictator (!)

We are just as suckers feed formulation "Lukashenko — the dictator"

The second phenomenon is persistent dislike of Lukashenko Russian authorities.

Third — perhaps the unprecedented popularity of Lukashenko among the Russian people, and the citizens of the former USSR.

Let's look in order.

Why the West "does not like" Lukashenko?

Well, everything is not too deep.
For the same reason why the Nazis did not like netsuke Belarusian partisans during the Second World War.
For the same reason why the West hates Stalin.

Commands respect courageous position of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. She openly Lukashenko came to the defense of the West against the attacks after the elections in Belarus.


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