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It is seen in the textbook authors Swedish language courses …

From the Editor. This story is sent to the editor RNL our constant author Irina Y. Medvedev with the following preamble: "This letter I received from a friend of mine — Russian woman living in Sweden. I quote it in full. People are helpful to know, "texture", it assures the best arguments on both East and West. I.Ya.Medvedeva ".

Irina Y., hello!

How are you? I miss you!

It is a pity that this time could not come to you, because the tickets were on other flights, not as usual, and time was running out in Moscow.

But first, I had planned to come to you. I was taking a tutorial to show you that I was given at the Swedish language courses. When I started reading, I could not believe my eyes.

The first chapter of this tutorial is called "Modern Family." The story begins with the family, who lived in a "civil" marriage (they call it "Sambo"). And these Sambo had children and left. Now they have other partners Sambo, too, with the kids and printed dialogue: they quarrel about who is going to leave, and those who remained with the children, but they are not interfacing because it involved former Sambo, who are also children, and who also have a holiday, and there are other former Sambo, etc. In general, a solid mess. And more …

Then came the next part of the chapter "Modern Family." There has been given an interview with a pope. The title of this text, "I grew up as a person." The interview starts with the words: "There will be a speech about a father who has a son. Dad said that he grew up as a man, after he had a son. "

And further explains that the Ula (dad) was calmer and happier when he began to think not only about themselves. He believes that he is a good father, who gladly talks to his son about the small and big things in life, and even if Ivan (son) asks questions that are sometimes difficult to answer, such as: "And the birds fly?", Then Dad thinks and then answers.

In the future, Ula wants Ivan grew calm and very confident person, and of course, that he was a good and caring.

Last weekend father and son spent together. They bought a cake and sat at a table in his garden. Ivan loves it when they spend time with my dad and Papineau friends. Ula normal dad who does ordinary things with your child, give him all the good things in life, just like all parents.

Unusual is that the pope — a homosexual, and Ivan was born through artificial insemination. Ula stopped thinking about the child, when he realized that he was not interested in women. But when he met Anna-Lena and they became good friends, he felt that they could go through life in a good friendship. Anna-Lena — a lesbian, and she decided to try and Ula afford to have a child through artificial insemination.

But it was not an easy decision. "I myself was injured child should be bullied in school, so I was afraid that my child will be the same," — says Ola.

But today, Ivan lives with his father one week and one week with her mother Anna-Lena and Lisa. For Ivan's natural. But sometimes he says he wants them to live together four of Ivan, Ula, Anna-Lena and Lisa. But then Ula explains that Mom and Lisa are in love and they want to live in his own apartment. So as they continue to live: my mother's father's house and home.

Before Ivan was born Ola and Anna-Lena signed parent contract. In it, for example, stated that they will celebrate Christmas and other major holidays together every year. Also stated that they would have dinner together during the week once a week, and also to be together for at least two weeks each summer.

"The contract is very much good, but it was a bit stupid to sign it before the birth of the child. Because now, when Ivan is already there, then, Anna-Lena think sometimes not quite the same about the baby, and we change any part of the contract. But we will always do our best so that's best for the child. In this, Anna-Lena always come to an agreement, "- says Ola.

That's the article, Irina Y.. It was disgusting to read. And now it was disgusting to write. And we were given the textbook in school! And there is in fact foreigners of all ages from 18 years old and from around the world. This is a real propaganda.

Then on there is an article about when gay men and lesbians have rights in Sweden, where they were officially permitted to adopt children like any marriage, etc. And given information where you can read about more, given URL. Next drawn scale, as many have concluded gay and lesbian marriages, when it was allowed. Then there are questions that need answering. For example, do you think, why such marriages become more after the law, as is the case with these rights in your country, etc.

Later in this chapter is an article about how one woman wrote to his grandmother, who had left Sweden for a long time and lives in another country, a letter about how well she lives in Sweden. She writes that she divorced her husband and now lives alone with her children. But asks her grandmother not to worry, because it is in Ethiopia, a woman should get married, have children, raise them and take care of her husband and all relatives. And Sweden is now all changed for the better, and not have to live with a man, if you do not love him. And the rights of women and men are the same, and social status does not depend on whether you are married, divorced, etc.

So she says she is happy and grateful to God that lives just in Sweden. And now she is so happy that there is finally the one who commanded her and treats her badly. And now she is free to decide what is good and what is bad for her and the children. Well, in general, stuff like that.

The chapter then goes a long article on the rights of children in Sweden. It is not possible to repeat, you know very well what they are writing about how children being bullied, etc., and where children apply if that. And the textbook is quite large printed phone on which to call.

Further describes the old men who have lived a very hard life together with each other and having lots of children.

Here you go. In this chapter, "Modern Family" ends. In general, as can be seen only in the idyll of homosexuals. There's a contract, everything is provided and no problems.

Irina Y., thank God you're here we pootkryvali eyes! But most here do not see and do not understand what is happening.

How to respond? The teacher says? She's a good woman, she has a normal family, kids, she sees nothing, says a good tutorial, so we will finish it and start again (this here is the first chapter!).

Irina Y., what to do?

I hope I did not bore you with his long letter. I wanted to share.

Oh, and I noticed that in that article, the name of the boy, Ivan, and the main holiday of Christmas in the contract …

Waiting for an answer.

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