About the comic book and its author

About the Author

Stephan Pastis was born in 1968 in the Los Angeles suburb of San Marino. He studied political science at the University of California, and then trained as a lawyer and for nine years (1993-2002) practiced in the Bay Area of San Francisco. In parallel with this Stephen drew cartoons and sent them to various publishers, but refused.

The success of pastis brought comics «Pearls Before Swine», which he began painting in 1997. In December 1999, Stephen konktrakt concluded with the agency «United Media», and in January 2002 appeared in the newspapers first issues of comics. In the same year, Pastis left advocacy and devoted himself to his favorite cause. Now «Pearls Before Swine» published in 255 U.S. newspapers, in addition, over the past three years, has already published four separate collection.

Heroes comics


Arrogant, self-centered and short-tempered fatalist and philosopher. Possessed by a thirst for glory, immortality, and a fast profit. Spending time with the pigs, because, first, with him feeling quite superior, and secondly, more importantly, no one else with him does not want to be driven.


Modest (actually painfully conscious of its limitations), practical, kind and a little slow of wit. Pigs have no particular aspirations in life other than the desire to sit out the rest of his days watching TV without doing almost nothing productive. Obviously, Pig sees something bribing a rat and is ready to come to terms with its endless ridicule and grandiose plans. He was expelled from the Club Cultural Pigs, after he was caught chewing a sandwich with pork.


Humanist (or, more accurately, "zebraist"). Almost entirely focused on inventing ways to protect his friends from numerous zebras and more capable predators. In their attempts to suffer repeated failures, while the lions, tigers and crocodiles are celebrating victory. Even his idea to put all the zebras in small papamobili can not prevent their destruction.


The most intelligent character. Prefer to spend time with her nose buried in a book, rather than to spend it on conversations with other strange heroes of the comic book.

Brotherhood of crocodiles

Proud members of the fraternity "Zebda Zebda Nyamaa", whose mission is to destroy the Zebras and other animals, and yet the nearest neighbors of Zebra. These are blunt and slow crocodiles with slurred diction — just a shame the crocodile kind.

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