About the current generation of electric generators

SUMMARY OF KEY INDICATORS The current generation of electric generators

This summary provides information on the technical and economic performance of a new generation of electric generator, developed on the basis of the results of R &D engineering and design team of Russian developers.

| Specification of a new system of electric generation: operating power output of at least 1 kW to 2 kg weight of the device — the increase is not less than 85% relative to the best-known proprietary counterparts, are widely represented in the international market (hereinafter referred to briefly analogues); etc. Significant improvements of important parameters (the whole list in the scientific and technical part of the project).

Innovation solves the following problems of the known types of generators: (A) Failure: operating power output (per unit mass), energy efficiency, reliability, maintainability and adaptability; (B) significant: massiveness and overall complexity, materials consumption, the cost of acquisition, maintenance and repair.  

| Cost new generator type based on the unit operating capacity not less than 40% below the cost of production of analogs. Performed the principle of "better and cheaper."

Thus, the new power generator produces at least 85% more best known analogues, while it is significantly cheaper and safer blocked.

| Market new technology and its scope equivalent to the market value and purpose of the known types of generators, namely technological innovation used in the composition of power units as a source of power in mechanical engineering (including shipbuilding), in all kinds of transportation (eg, rail, air) and construction; utilities, independent of the power supply systems (nefteplatform, health facilities, households, etc.) in the automotive industry, including for electric vehicles, hybrids and other advanced forms of transport, in a diverse household appliances and, of course, in the energy sector, both conventional and alternative. The new generator is applicable in what is now known types of generators are used.

| The risks inherent in investments in innovative technology projects in general, in this case minimized — by the development stage of the project — though, of course, are present. Basic Project invention relates to the latest technical ideas.

| Partnership is developing in the direction of industrial business, licensing and associated services (engineering and technical cooperation), outsourcing (including technology audits), co-registration of IP rights abroad. Currently available at low investment of a new production of the current generation of generators, the beginning of output — up to 6-10 months.

| IP rights reserved.


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