About UFO crew

With comprehensive coverage of the UFO problem, of course, can not do without at least a brief consideration of the question of the so-called humanoids, or enlonavtah, especially as reports of alleged meetings took place with them began to appear in our press.

The question of whether there are crews of UFOs and whether to believe the testimony of eyewitnesses who reported sightings in the immediate vicinity of the objects landed some human-like creatures, and even those who have had contact with them, is perhaps the most controversial and pointed out the problem of UFOs.

This question is the most fierce opposition from opponents of UFOs and strong doubts even among those people who not only recognize the existence of UFOs, but consider them as a manifestation of some reason unknown to us. And until recently the people who dared to assert the alleged close encounters and, especially, dealing with so-called humanoids or enlonavtami just felt mentally abnormal.

But the reports of so-called contacts keep coming, and, according to the American organization MUFON UFO, by 1980 there were an estimated 2,500 cases of UFO observations of crew members, and in 1988 they became more than 3000. However, before making any judgments on this issue, it may be useful to first become familiar with the most characteristic messages of the so-called contacts, published in foreign and our press.

This, of course, in no way be unconditionally believe everything reported these "contactees." In the study of these materials will not damage a certain amount of doubt as to the reliability of the reported information and, accordingly, the validity of what happened to them.

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