About Women

Various women go around the world ….. Just two words — on this one. First, there are women — fish and birds. There are bunnies and sweeties. Crumpets and matches. Dragons and snakes. And thousands of cats. (Here the cry of the crowd, "read the entire list!") There is a woman still. There is a woman at ease. There is a woman "Field" and the female "Volvo". There is a woman plasma. Woman ice. A female blade. Woman iodine. [Cut] There are women-virgins and women rams. There are women-where-you? and women-here-we are! That woman finca. That woman polka. That woman fig-you! and the woman how much? Two worlds, two poles: Woman-hop girl and remember-me-ness your briefcase? Alluring girl brigantine and female-where-you-beast roamed? There is a woman story. There is a woman stitching. And just the end of everything — Woman-to-point. No two women in the world. Something we learned in this subject. Soft and pliable Women dumplings. Chatters incessantly Woman Trotsky. A woman always predictable echo. And seventy-feminine woman Peha. Do Women women — a simple nature. A Woman-bullet — as usual, stupid. All the time varies Woman-sine. And there are pros at the Woman-minus. Do Women hearts — a huge heart. Soul to latch — the Women doors. Perfect for the woman — willow catkins. Do Women nightstands — lovely legs. Strong intuition female Globa. Strong constitution Woman baking. Crimson lips — the vamp. Polar fox fur coat — the women-you-like. In bowers conversation — the Women pentameter. But the sweetness of victory — at the Woman-stamped. Women behave differently. We've been something from them navidalisya. At dawn, we will raise the Woman-morning and in the evening — Woman Kamasutra. Of snow from a shower of hail shielding Reliable female roofing material. A woman once deprive the mind-set. We will put into place female bromine. Let us make us a crumb bun female. The puck naschelkaet Woman-stick. Warm up seed Woman-south. Completely engulf us female hatch. That woman candle burning with passion. A woman wipes carefully eraser. That woman blouse somewhere faded. A woman once why we changed? Why should the woman-not-leave-it? Where pricked women ski? Dokol will incite us to acts of Summoning, greedy Women sponges? Stuck, like in the jungle, in the words of impenetrable, We praise all the women — good and different! Note the name of all men: you — all we need for all eternity! Namely: mom, wife, girlfriend, medicine, pillow, dream, Qomolangma, Oasis in the desert and a raft in the ocean, potatoes in a pot, mushrooms in a clearing, the care of the private and the thought of the eternal, the Red Chapel, and the stars in the Milky. You will be told and corporals, and poets: the winter and in the summer all the thoughts — about it. Namely, cool, though difficult, to grasp the immensity Woman-space, Release tightly compressed fig-Woman-Woman and win the big league, in bed with a woman put-book, Money put on Female-chip, his highest happiness — jump up in the nighttime Amend the pillow at the Woman-daughter!

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